Salisbury Guildhall

Salisbury Guildhall is our flagship market with regular events each month held on a Saturday. During December we hold events on Tuesdays and Sundays. It is a busy market and for the last 5 years has drawn in the customers really well. That is not to say that there aren't less successful days at Salisbury, because there obviously are, but Salisbury, along with Guildford, is a reliable market. We have many regular stallholders here, many of whom book as soon as places are advertised, so please be aware that early booking will be essential.  Footfall at most events are between 1300 and 2500 with rare events bringing in 700/800 per day.

Salisbury Guildhall is a picturesque building located right on the central market square in Salisbury. With a busy and bustling market throughout the year. The footfall at this market can be enormous as mentioned above, with thousands of people passing the steps to the Guildhall every market day. Steps lead from the busy market square right up into the splendour of the Guildhall and the banqueting room where the market takes place.  There is a lift for customer use which we always point out if needed.  Dogs are also allowed into the building so we can add to our customer base even more.

Salisbury not only attracts shoppers but also a wide range of International visitors each and every weekend. Tourists are in Salisbury all year, but the Summer season and Christmas season really draw in the foreign visitors to this market. Be prepared to be busy and to have few moments where you can idle away your time at this market.  Tables are always supplied at this venue (a total of 28 or 29 depending on month.)


To make a booking please check the availabilty below and fill our application form at the bottom of the page. Once the form has been submitted we will be able to process your details and send you the relevant paperwork including an invoice and our terms and conditions (these can also be found by clicking here!

Table Fee

Open Hours

Public Entry Cost

£45 (Tues £40) (Nov/Dec 2019 £50)


Totally free (like all of our events)

For help finding the venue please visit the 'Finding the Salisbury Guildhall' page by clicking here!

Availability - 2018

Date  Stall Spaces Jewellery Spaces
10th March 0 (Footfall 920)
7th April 0 (Footfall 1017)
12th May 0 (Footfall 958)
16th June 0  
21st July 0 (Footfall 1049)
18th August 0 0
15th September 0 0
20th October 1 0
3rd November Fully Booked 0
17th November Fully Booked 0
2nd December 1 0
16th December Fully Booked 0
Date (Tuesdays) Stall Spaces Jewellery Spaces
11th December Fully Booked 0
18th December 2 0

Availability - 2019

Date  Stall Spaces Jewellery Spaces
16th March 17 0
20th April 17 0
25th May 19 0
15th June 18 0
20th July 20 0
17th August 17 0
21st September 15 0
12th October 14 0
16th November 13


22nd November (Fri) 24 1
24th November (Sun) 19 0
6th December (Fri) 21 0
7th December 10 0
8th December (Sun) 11 0

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