Winchester Guildhall

Mynt Image are proud to present for another the very popular Winchester Guildhall.  Winchester Guildhall is an impressive Gothic revival style building completed in 1871. It boasts a wealth of stylish features and Gothic indulgences. We most often use the King Charles Hall, a magnificent hall with beams and original features but have started to use the slightly larger Bapsy hall in November and December as of Christmas 2016. Both stunning rooms seem to provide the perfect backdrop to one of our stylish Mynt Image Craft and Gift Markets. The halls are on the first floor and there is a lift available.  Tables are always supplied at this venue.

The Guildhall Winchester is located at the bottom end of the High Street in 'The Broadway'. Winchester boasts a thriving market every Saturday which attracts large numbers of shoppers. The main car parks are also at this end of the town with the Guildhall being en route to the main shops in the High Street.

We have footfalls of between 650 and 1100 (mostly closer to the higher end) throughout the year BUT our December events attract amazing numbers, reaching almost 2000. Our biggest ever event saw over 65 stalls using both the halls at the beginning of December 2016 and the footfall was unbeleivable, acheiving well above 5000 customers through the door. 

Those of you who have booked with us in the past know the many methods we use to attract people into our venues and Winchester Guildhall is another of these central locations where we know we will have tremendous success with these active methods.

Winchester not only attracts thousands of shoppers every Saturday but also attracts a great many visitors who come to see the fantastic Winchester Cathedral or historic Great Hall with its Arthurian connections. It is both the shoppers and the tourists who we will be looking to attract to this fantastic venue. Our December markets (and end of November markets) will also be running at the same time as the renowned Winchester Christmas market and ice rink which draws crowds to this beautiful city.  There is a total of 27 tables per event from March to October in the King Charles and Keats hall, and 36 tables in November and December in The Bapsy hall.  Tables are always provided.

To make a booking please check the availabilty below and fill our application form at the bottom of the page. Once the form has been submitted we will be able to process your details and send you the relevant paperwork including an invoice and our terms and conditions (these can also be found by clicking here!

Table Fee

Open Hours

Public Entry Cost

£48 (2018 Nov/Dec £55)(2019 Nov/Dec £60)


Totally free (like all of our events)

For help finding the venue please visit the 'Finding the Winchester Guildhall' page by clicking here!

Availability - 2018

Date  Stall Spaces Jewellery Spaces
24th March Fully Booked (Footfall 784)
28th April Fully Booked (Footfall 1222)
26th May 0 0
7th July 0 0
18th August 0 (Footfall 1139)
29th September 3 0
27th October 1 (Footfall 1008)
10th November (£55) 1 (Footfall 902)
9th December (£55) 1 0
Date  (Wednesdays) Stall Spaces Jewellery Spaces
5th December (£55) 1 (Footfall 2754)
12th December (£55) Fully Booked 0
19th December (£55) Fully Booked (Footfall 1048)

Availability - 2019

Date  Stall Spaces Jewellery Spaces
9th March 14 0
13th April 24 0
11th May 18 0
8th June 15 0
13th July 17 0
10th August 20 0
14th September 15 0
19th October 14 0
9th November 15 0
14th December 13 0
15th December (Sun) 17 0

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