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As one of the most dynamic Craft and Gift Market businesses in the country we are proud to state we are currently the largest company of our type across the South. Developed from being stallholders ourselves, we have learnt the tricks of the trade and are second to none in customer service and generating top footfalls.


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Additional Markets announced for 2021! (see below)


Covid-19 Update!


3rd June  2021

With the news that our Markets at Guildford are now up and running again, most of our venues are now working at full capacity for the year. COVID 19 restrictions and measures remain in place at all of our venjues making them very safe places to shop compared with many retail environments. Our stall holders report feeling cared for and safe at all of our venues.


We are still receiving many new stallholders/customers and bookings each week, with few spaces now available for 2021 markets. Our 2022 markets will be made available for Premiere Club members to book during June  and then released onto our web site in August for other stall holders to book


We are looking forward to a good and prosperous 2021 so long as our markets remain open and the vaccination p[rogramme continues. We constantly monitor the situation regarding new variants and will unfortunately have to take appropriate actiuon when needed and after discussions with our venues.



Lyndhurst Community Centre

This venue was flooded in April 2021 due to faulty pipework. Two of our markets at this venue have been reschedled at other venues

June 12th Lyndhurst rescheduled to Romsey Town Hall

July 3rd Lyndhurst rescheduled to Salisbury Guildhall


A few places still remain available at these substitute markets.


Trowbridge News: This venue proved to be a good choice for a new market. With over 530 customers into the market, despite some torrential rain, spending was good for many. We have alreadfy received 4 thank you letters from stall holders and 2 new bookings, just 2 days after the event. This will prove to be a popular venue. Please read the full report.



We do still have a few spaces left in the Summer this year at various venues. With spending predicted to be high once our markets and surrounding shops re-open, this is the perfect opportunity to get involved.


We look forward to working with you in 2021

The Mynt Image Team



2021 Premiere club now open.

* Members of our Premiere club benefit from early release of 2022 dates which are released to Premiere club members in June and to everyone else in August. This is of particular benefit to our Jewellers as jewellery spaces are limited to 5 per event and they fill up quickly.

* Premiere club members also benefit from first choice for cancellation spaces when markets are fully booked and priority when requesting specific placing and services at


* Premiere Club members NOW have access to a monthly TEAMS meeting with MYNT Image staff and directors. Your ideas can influence how we run our markets and develop.


The cost for Membership is £20 per year running from January to December. Please e-mail us at myntimage@live.co.uk if you would like to join.



Update week starting 2nd May



1) Get ready for 2021 with our May and June events shown below


Confirmed markets



Lymington 5/6/2021       Fully booked

Salisbury 12/6/2021      Fully booked

Romsey 12/6/2021 (Was Lyndhurst but venue flooded and market transferred to Romsey)

                                      7 spaces still available

Romsey 19/6/2021        Fully booked

Witney 26/6/2021          Fully booked

Devizes 26/6/2021        Fully Booked

Guildford  5/6/2021        Fully Booked


Cancelled markets

Wokingham 19/6/2021



Additional Markets 2021

We have managed to lay on many additional martkets to compensate for those which were not able to proceed in March/April 2021 and those venues which were not able to open in 2021. Spaces are available at all of these markets


Extra Markets announced 3rd May 2021

2 additional markets have been arranged at Abingdon in 2021 to coincide with the monthly farmers markets which occur on a midweek day and bring hundreds of visitors to Abingdon. These Farmers Markets are located opposite the Guildhall, which we use, and will be a focus for the population of Abingdon.


Mid-week markets at Abingdon in 2021

Friday July 16th

Friday November 19th



Extra Markets Announced 23rd April 2021

14/08/2021 Godalming

11/09/2021   Marlborough

9/10/2021    Salisbury

6/11/2021    Salisbury

17/12/2021 (Friday) Lymington



Extra Markets Announced March 2021

10/07/2021 Henley - £45 Fully Booked (No Jewellery spaces)
31/07/2021 Marlborough - £40 18 Spaces (2 Jewellery spaces)
06/08/2021 (Friday) Lymington - £38 6 Spaces (2 Jewellery spces)
27/08/2021 (Friday) Lymington - £38 10 Spaces (2 Jewellery spaces)
04/09/2021 Witney - £40 16 Spaces (No Jewellery spaces)
04/09/2021 Lymington - £38 Fully Booked (No Jewellery spaces)
25/09/2021 Lymington -£38 16 spaces (No Jewellery space)
19/11/2021 (Friday) Salisbury - £50 14 spaces (3 Jewellery spaces)

26/11/2021 (Friday) Lymington - £38 19 spaces (2 Jewellery spaces)


2) 2 New venues announced for 2021

Trowbridge Town Hall, Wiltshire. Mynt Image are proud to announce that we will be working from this wonderful new venue in 2021. Following a successful visit to the venue and negotiations with the Trust who own the building, we are really pleased to be welcomed into this aclaimed town centre location. Details of this exciting new venue can be found on the Trowbridge page.

Lyndhurst Community Centre.  A tried and tested location with a great history of running  craft fairs and markets throughout the last decade. Located in the centre of Lyndhurst, and with the return of tourism to the New Forest as well as our own actgive marketing techniques, we expect great success for this venue.



All of our dates and booking forms for each of our stunning venues can be found here!


Market Reports

All of our latest market reports can be found here including details of sales and footfalls.



Just wanted to say thank you to Paul and Sue for their work on Saturday despite the occasional downpour. Also could you please pass on our thanks to the staff of the Town Hall because theyw ere very welcoming and  helpful.
Hi Mynt Image. I had a fantastic day at your craft market in Trowbridge yesterday. I thought the set up was very professional and all the team were vey helpful.
Hi Guys. Just a massive shout out to Pauland Sue who looked after us today. Amazing. Fab venue, lovely people and staff at the Town Hall. Had a lovely day
Thank you to the lovely George and his helper for their all their hard work  to bring in the customers. The blue sky looked perfect from the warmth of the hall but I understand it was pretty chilly outside.
I did far better than I had hoped for - £522 which is unprecedented for me in Thame.
One could tell the folk of Thame were very keen to get out and shop face to face. They were tired of shopping online. Lots of positive comments too about how safe the fair felt regarding covid.
Thank you to all the team.
SB (2020)




"Just wanted to say thanks so much for everything on Saturday. I had a great day and looking forward to the next market with you this weekend!" - One of our regular stallholders


The Devises event was great ... I gave up trying to keep a tally of what I was selling by I.00pm and thinking I'd made about three hundred and fifty pounds was delighted to find out the total was just short of five hundred! Amazing interest from customers - and support.   October 2020

Please feel free to explore our website, you will find every date at each of our stunning venues we will be offering throughout the year plus detailed information on the venues themselves and even application forms. 

Dont hesitate to email any questions or queries as we'd be more than happy to help as soon as possible!

We look forward to hearing from you and working together over the coming months!

We endeavour to update our website as often as is practical (with current availability.)


Book on-line or simply email us at



All venues have COVID 19 Tier 2 measures in place with adjusted layouts and increased hygiene.

We have worked hard with our venues to ensure the safety of both stall holders and customers. Safety to us is paramount and we have already received excellent comments about the measures we have put in place.


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