Salisbury Guildhall

Salisbury Guildhall was the location of our 1st ever market, more than 6 years ago. This venue is still always one of our top 3 venues with many events here being booked up more than 12 months in advance.

Our Salisbury market always benefits from a high footfall at almost any month of the year. The summer markets attract tourists by the hundreds, with customer from the USA, Canada, Australia and many Middle Eastern countries as well as European countries such as Spain and Italy. British tourists are also bussed into Salisbury on tourist coaches, Salisbury Cathedral being a focus as well as the other historic buildings of central Salisbury including the Guild Hall where we work from. If you have a product suitable for tourists, then Salisbury in the Summer is the place for you.

To make a booking please check the availabilty below and fill our application form at the bottom of the page. Once the form has been submitted we will be able to process your details and send you the relevant paperwork including an invoice and our terms and conditions (these can also be found by clicking here!

Table Fee

Open Hours

Public Entry Cost

£45 (£50 Nov Dec 2020)

£45 2021 Nov, Dec £60.00


Totally free (like all of our events)

For help finding the venue please visit the 'Finding the Salisbury Guildhall' page by clicking here!

Christmas footfalls at Salisbury Guildhall can be enormous, with numbers rising in November and peaking a few days before Christmas. Our Christmas markets always sell out well in advance. However it is worth noting that a huge footfall (2000+) dues not always mean better sales, many stall holders doing just as well at other times of the year as in December. In April 2019 one of our stall holders at Salisbury sold in excess of £1000, just demonstrating how good Salisbury can be at any time of year.

This venue is on the ground floor, though there are a few steps to climb. There is disabled access at the rear of the building making this an excellent venue for those who have restricted movement. Unloading is right outside the front of the hall with most cars then being parked in a nearby long stay car park for the day, though some prefer to use the simplicity of the Salisbury Park and Ride. We have a core group of stall holders who regularly attend this market and do well throughout the year, but we are always looking for new stall holders to join this group.


Salisbury has abandoned the need for parking permits for 2020. No permits will be necessary to unload or load



Footfall - 2019

Date  Footfall
16th March Footfall 857
20th April Footfall 1003
25th May Footfall 1207
15th June Footfall 1031
20th July Footfall 962
17th August Footfall 1309
21st September Footfall 1356
12th October Footfall 646
16th November

Footfall 2003

22nd November (Fri) Footfall 609
24th November (Sun) Footfall 1076
6th December (Fri) Footfall 1576
7th December Footfall 2843
8th December (Sun) Footfall 1876

Availability - 2020

Date  Stall Spaces Jewellery Spaces
7th March 1 Footfall 901
11th April Event Cancelled 0
9th May Event Cancelled 0
4th July 14 421
18th July (NEW)   450
8th August   Footfall 583
12th September   Footfall 814
17th October   Footfall 677
8th November (Sun) Fully Booked 0
21st November (NEW) Fully booked 0
22nd November (Sun) Fully Booked 0
4th December (Fri)   Footfall 436
6th December (Sun)   Footfall 541
18th December (Fri) Fully booked 0

Availability - 2021 (Cost of stall space £45. Nov, Dec £60.00)

Application Form

Date  Stall Spaces Jewellery Spaces
13th March Event Cancelled 0
3rd April Event Cancelled 0
1st May Fully Booked Footfall 731
12th June 1 0
3rd July 12 (Only announced June 2021) 1
10th July Fully Booked 0
21st August 3 0
25th September 1 0
9th October (New) 15 0
23rd October 2 0
6th November (NEW) 19 2
19th November (Fri) 13 3
26th November (Fri) 3 0
28th November (Sun) Fully Booked 0
10th December (Fri) Fully Booked 0
12th December (Sun) Fully Booked 0

You will only be able to fill the forms from a computer, laptop or tablet and not a mobile phone (with some exceptions)

If there is no form displayed above this notice then please access this page from a different device.

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