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Mynt Image Ltd is a small business that has grown tremendously over the last few years. Starting as a school project, a small team of students led by George and guided by Paul entered the young enterprise scheme. We produced badges, bottle openers, key rings etc. all of which could be customized and made to order. The team won an opportunity to represent the UK at an international trade fair for Y.E. teams across Europe to attend. The team picked up many awards in addition to this through the Young Enterprise scheme, plus receiving nominations and recognition with other organisations such as the national 'Skills Factor'. 

After a few years of trading the company was streamlined with only a few remaining members, many of the team attending various colleges so opted to focus on their studies. With a smaller, more dynamic team we grew in size and started to generate large contract supplying products for companies across the south coast. Business was good but margins had potential to be better and it was at this point we were given the opportunity to run some of the events we'd been attending ourselves.

With a few practice runs at George's old primary school, Mynt's first Craft and Gift market was in the Salisbury Guildhall. A few stallholders felt we were running before we could walk but having learnt from other organisers mistakes we were immediately popular through a successful run of events. From here we expanded our venue range and started to dominate the South with our Craft and Gift Markets. A couple of years on and we now have an office based administration team to provide the best customer service and booking process with a superb team of Event Runners who generate the largest of footfalls and provide stallholders with as much help as possible leading to success all round.



George Upton

Managing Director

Phone: 07522 523519

E-mail: myntimage@live.co.uk


George is a young entrepreneur who lives in Basingstoke, Hampshire. He became enthused with creating and maintaining his own business whilst at school in Fareham. Upon leaving school George studied maths and science at college as well as working at a restaurant in the evenings. In his spare time George also managed to find time to expand and develop Mynt Image as well as playing football for local teams. Upon leaving college and his part time job in 2013 George was able to give all of his time to Mynt Image, creating a small business with huge potential devoting his time to expanding the business. George and his partner Molly live in Chineham and are expecting their first child in May 2024

Paul Bristow


Phone: 07522 523519

E-mail: myntimage@live.co.uk


Paul lives in Fareham, Hampshire with his gorgeous wife Sue who helps run the markets. . Paul now works full time form Mynt Image, looking after the admin and working towards the future. He has 3 daughters and 5 grandchildren. All of his daughters fully support Mynt Image and have worked for Mynt Image in various capacities, making Mynt Image something of a family business.. As a devoted Christian, Paul is dedicated to ensuring that Mynt Image has high ethical and moral standards, and is a business that he and the other directors  can be proud of. Paul and his wife Sue, run many of the markets together, making an excellent team with their different styles of promotion


Paul is a devoted bird watcher and likes nothing better than being out in the wilds enjoying nature. He is in the process of completing the renovation of a house in he bought 2 years ago, undertaking a lot of the work by himself. He also enjoys fossil hunting and days out in the sun with Sue. Paul is known to be loud and persuasive when running markets and can be guaranteed to create a large footfall whenever possible, especially with the help of his wife, Sue. As a qualified life coach (NLP Practitioner/coach) he has the ambition to guide Mynt Image into a thriving business. Paul has great ambition for the company.

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