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2022 Dates Now Released



Mynt Image have been watching the redevelopment of this historic building with interest over the last few years having been made aware of its potential by one of our stall holders.  The historic Guildhall has been subject to an extensive programme of improvements and refurbishments in the last few years and now hosts a privately owned cinema as well as an excellent new suite of rooms, two of which we are hiring for these events.

The Roysse room dating back to 1440 has a beautifully ornate barrel ceiling. The council chamber panelled with Spanish oak, is the room where HRH Queen Elizabeth II dined under the stunning commemorative chandeliers, during one of her visits.  With the use of the amazing foyer as well, this venue provides a truly classy setting for our quality markets.

The Guildhall rooms are accessible from the front which overlooks the historic Abingdon market hall and just a short distance further away, Abingdon High Street. One of the main roads through Abingdon lies just outside the front of the building. The suite of rooms is also linked by a wide cascading staircase to the cinema foyer, and with several showings each day, this will provide an additional stream of customers into our markets.

Abingdon itself is a thriving historic town in Oxfordshire ,just a short distance from Oxford itself. The town has a population of just over 35,000. Since the 1980s, Abingdon has played host to a number of information communication companies, with many based in the town's respective business and science parks. With this, and the result of Abingdon's proximity to academic and scientific institutions in Oxford, the town has seen an influx of young professionals taking residence in the town's many residential areas. This is undoubtedly a wealthy area and Mynt Image are very pleased to be able to offer this exciting new venue to our stall holders..


Our events at this location in 2021 proved to be very popular and some excellent sales were achieved throughout the year. Ther people of Abingdon spend very well indeed and the events have proved to be record breaking events for several stallholders. Sales of almost £1000 have been achieved at this venue. The venue has proved to be good, both at Christmas and during the summer, when the market square adjacent to the Guildhall is full of people enjoying drinks in the sun at one of the many coffee shops surrounding the square.

To make a booking please check the availabilty below and fill our application form at the bottom of the page. Once the form has been submitted we will be able to process your details and send you the relevant paperwork including an invoice and our terms and conditions (these can also be found by clicking here!

Table Fee

Open Hours

Public Entry Cost

£35 in 2021


Totally free (like all of our events)

For help finding the venue please visit the 'Finding the Abingdon Guildhall' page by clicking here!

Availability - 2021    (Cost of stall £35.00)



Date  Stall Spaces Jewellery Spaces
17th April Event Cancelled  
16th July (Fri)   Footfall 312
9th October Fully Booked Footfall 821
November 19th (Fri)  Fully Booked Footfall 412
27th November Fully Booked Footfall 571


Availability - 2022 Cost of stall £35


Date  Stall Spaces Jewellery Spaces
23rd April Fully Booked Footfall 628
24th September Fully Booked 0
8th October Fully Booked 0
5th November Fully Booked 0

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