Guildford Guildhall

Guildford Guildhall is our most popular market venue with our stall holders, many markets here being fully booked up to 16 months in advance. There is always a rush for spaces and any free spaces are like hens teeth. This tremendous location is an iconic building and featured on many photos of Guildford, the large overhanging clock being a prominent feature of the High Street. This is now our 9th year at this location and the reputation it has built up is surely what it deserves with some excellent sales throughout the year.


Guildford Guildhall is a 16th century building and is Grade 1 listed. We use both the ground floor and the 1st floor rooms with roughly ¾ of the customers we get into the market enjoying both floors. This is an awkward market for those with disability difficulties as there are steps to reach both of the halls that we use and the toilets and kitchen are down a further flight of stairs. The ground floor hall is a stone floored hall with a mass of wood panelling, attracting both buyers and browsers, whilst the upstairs hall is sumptuously carpeted and tends to attract the  best buyers. There have been excellent sales of £700+ on both floors, with some stall holders preferring the bustling downstairs and some the luxurious and more conducive to selling upstairs hall. 

To enable us to utilise this venue this is our only market which runs from 10am to 5pm. Unloading is right outside the hall, but stall holders need to move their vehicles before 9am to one of the local car parks. At the end of the day, road access for reloading is from 6pm.


Guildford can be good at any time of year, with many visitors each weekend and students throughout the year. Guildford is also visited by many thousands of tourists each weekend, with the picturesque Guild Hall a draw by itself. Summer tourist markets can be especially good from June to September, with September often providing the highest footfall of any of our Guildford markets. Having been established at this location for many years, our markets are now accepted as part of the Guildford scene and we have many regular customers who visit the Guildhall each and every market. With various processions throughout the year on the HIgh Street and a wealth of street entertainment, our event organisers with their spinning arrows and active marketing add to what is already a lively scene.


Guildford is not a market for the beginner. Although sales can be huge at this event for those with experience, sales can be disappointing for the less experienced stallholders, whether they are placed downstairs or upstairs. We would recommend obtaining experience at other venues before trying Guildford. Many stallholders at this venue, who are experienced, can obtain sales of £300 - £1500 on either the ground or 1st floor at different times throughout the year ... not always at Christmas!

It should also be noted that the Guildford event has been very slow to recover from the affect of the pandemic. It is only in more recent months that footfalls have returned to near pre-pandemic levels.

To make a booking please check the availabilty below and fill our application form at the bottom of the page. Once the form has been submitted we will be able to process your details and send you the relevant paperwork including an invoice and our terms and conditions (these can also be found by clicking here!


Please note Trading times below

*  Friday & Saturday trading times 10am - 5pm

Friday Unloading between 8am and 10am

Saturday Unloading between 8am and 9am (Road closes at 9am)

*  Sunday trading times of 11am - 5pm

Unloading between 9am and 10am (Road closes at 10am)

*  For all days loading after 6pm right outside the hall.

Table Fee 

Open Hours


10am-5pm Saturdays

10am-5pm Fridays

11 - 5pm Sundays

For help finding the venue please visit the 'Finding the Guildford Guildhall' page by clicking here!

Availability - 2021 

Date  Stall Spaces Jewellery Spaces
6th March Event Cancelled 0
10th Arpril Event Cancelled 0
8th May Fully Booked 0
5th June Fully Booked Footfall 582
3rd July   Footfall 423
7th August   Footfall 517
4th September   0
2nd October   Footfall 494
30th October   Footfall 1008
20th November   Footfall 1268
3rd December (Fri) Fully Booked Footfall 789
4th December Fully Booked Footfall 1245
5th December (Sun)   Footfall 1104
17th December (Fri) Fully Booked Footfall 832
18th December Fully Booked Footfall 1450
19th December (Sun) Fully Booked Footfall 975

Availability - 2022

Date  Stall Spaces Jewellery Spaces
5th March Cancelled 0
2nd April Cancelled 0
7th May   Footfall 892
4th June   Footfall 808
2nd July Fully Booked 0
6th August Fully Booked 0
3rd September Fully Booked 0
1st October Fully Booked 0
12th November Fully booked 0
2nd December (Fri) Fully Booked 0
3rd December Fully Booked 0
4th December (Sun) Fully Booked 0
16th December (Fri) Fully Booked 0
17th December Fully Booked 0
18th December (Sun) Fully Booked 0

Application Form

Please note the footfall recorded for this venue is through the front door, the split of those who enter either/both halls is variable from event to event. Usually 2/3 to 3/4 of customers will head upstairs but sales can often be better up there as you have a greater oppurtunity to actually sell.


You will only be able to fill the forms from a computer, laptop or tablet and not a mobile phone (with some exceptions)

If there is no form displayed above this notice then please access this page from a different device.

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