2021 Market Reports

Here you will find the market reports for all of our events over the last few months, including footfalls and spending tendencies. Overall positives and even negatives about each market are documented for all you stallholders wanting to make an informed decision about any bookings you make. We like to ensure these reports are as honest as possible, we'd much rather adopt this method than sugar coat everything and falsely advertise how incredible a market was if for whatever reason it wasn't. We endeavour to provide the best service possible and these reports should help show how each venue differs whether its easier to unload or the spending is better per customer walking in.

Devizes Corn Exchange - 8th May

Relief from all, that expected heavy rain didn’t materialise

The forecast had been promising heavy rain on Saturday since the beginning of the week. It was expected to start in the night and last almost all day with little respite. We were not looking forward to working in heavy rain all day, which despite being well prepared for it, is never fun. Stall holders too had been watching the forecast with trepidation and were not expecting to do well, with several admitting to thinking of not showing up. Although we drove through floods and heavy rain to get to Devizes, by the time we actually arrived at 7.50am it was starting to ease off and by 9am had totally stopped. We never needed to put on our rain gear all day . The forecast had obviously put many Devizes residents off from shopping and the streets were very quiet all day. Those who ventured out into the grey stormy day were well wrapped up to face the horrible weather.  The lovely thing about running markets on these atrocious days, is that when you do get customers into the market , they stay for a good while and spend. The Mynt team worked hard all day, and by the end of the day had managed to entice a very creditable 629 customers into the Corn Exchange, which seriously must have been a good percentage of the total number of people out shopping or visiting Devizes!

Spending was good, though stall holders had to work hard to sell at times. Customers were also fussy in what they bought and interior decorations did not sell well, fabric cushions and lampshades not being in demand today. However some stalls did very well with at least 2 stalls reaching around the £300  mark including a lady selling fashion items and fragrances as well as a couple selling wire sculptures. Wooden pens and turned items also sold well with one seller achieving in excess of £250. One artist had her best day this year at a Mynt Image market, selling in excess of £250. Chocolates, photography, and ‘salt lamps’ also sold well, with the afternoon, as is often the case being better than the morning. Although jewellery did sell, sales were not  much above £150 for two sellers. We are also aware of at least two stall holders who did not make their money and cover their costs.

There was however an excellent positive atmosphere in the building at all times. The hall itself is so spacious and light and creates an excellent venue in these times of COVID 19. Customers on the whole though, did seem to be getting more used to life after lockdown and more willing to come into the market. Considering the poor number of people in Devizes today and the, at times, empty streets, both ourselves and stallholders were happy with the  results of this event.

Salisbury Guidlhall - 1st May

The best footfall of the year so far with only a few disappointed stall holders.

We have always enjoyed working at Salisbury Guildhall. With the street market outside now extended into the area outside of the GuildHall this really makes us feel like more of the  regular Saturday market and brings many of the right kind of buyers closer to the Guildhall. There were certainly plenty of people on the streets of Salisbury in the morning, with, surprisingly a large number of foreign tourists visiting the UK despite still being in Lockdown. Footfalls have been relatively low at our venues until this week, but potential customers certainly seemed a lot more ready and willing to come inside the building today. Unfortunately we had two periods of heavy rain that swept across the market square and without these, our footfall would have been much higher. Despite the rain we still managed a footfall of 731, our best at any venue so far this year.

Whenever we entered the building to talk to stall holders we noticed that customers were spending money at many of the stalls. We had one stall holder come out several times to tell us how well they were doing. At the end of the day at least 3 stall holders achieved in excess of £300 and a further two in excess of £200. These included a jeweller, a photographer and several artists. It was unfortunate however to find that 3 stall holders had not broken even financially despite their best efforts. Most stall holders had made between £90 and £150, with one stall holder making more today than they had at any previous of our events. We had several new stall holders with us today, joining the regulars, one of these displaying his jewellery for the first time and doing really well.

Salisbury is always a place you can rely on to produce a good footfall and with such a good footfall it is inevitable that most stall holders will do well, just as most did today. This was a good start for our year at Salisbury and as restrictions continue to be lifted, we continue to have high expectations for this venue.

Thame Town Hall - 24th April

Quiet day in Thame

We always look forward to our markets here in the heart of Oxfordshire, never the highest footfall but always good spending! Thame is a real advocate for the quality over quantity mantra. Set up ran smoothly, a great mix of old and new stall holders, a lot of which new to Thame itself. This hall is one of the smaller set ups so the cosy atmosphere lends nicely to creating a good atmosphere for customers.


The glorious sunshine combined with a slight tentativeness from shoppers made hard work for drawing a crowd, it really was perfect bbq weather and it seems a lot of people aren’t quite fully confident just yet. We managed to get a slow but steady flow throughout the day and despite best efforts only achieved 166 through the door.


Focusing again on quality of customers it was superb to see at least 3 stall holders take around £300. Many achieved circa £100 sales and one or two struggled to cover costs! Certainly not a washout but maybe a little room for improvement, we’re confident in this stepping stone forwards towards some excellent events this year.

Lymington Masonic Hall - 17th April

Though sales weren't much to be desired, it was excellent to be out again.

Lockdown has seemed to drag on forever, especially over recent weeks with such poor weather. So what better way to hit the ground running with this years season (albeit slightly delayed) than in the glorious siunshione at Lymington. We had a full house and it judging by how early stallholders were arriving to set up it was clear they were keen to continue trading again. Set up ran smoothly as it always does in Lymington and the buzz was superb. Many conversations of reuninting friends was a pleasure to witness, plus of course a handful of new stallholders to really complete the set up. The eagerness to get going was lovely to be part of, a few stallholders who trade online had seen drops since Christmas, the lack of contact time with customers face to face was cleary the fault here, so this event was hopefully a bnig turning point.


The day ran well, the sun always brings crowds of people to the New Forest in their thousands so we had plenty of oppurtunity to draw a crowd. Initially numbers were good, it wasnt quite as easy to coax people in as this was the first Saturday since before last Christmas people were allowed out properly so the agenda wasnt neccessarily shopping. It quitened down in the afternoon, perhaps due to the Duke of Edinburghs funeral being broadcast at 3pm so the footfall slowed down somewhat. This was anticipated though and we observed a minutes silence in honour of the late Prince. By close of play we managed a total of 542 customers through the door.


Spending was an entirely mixed bag here today, no real pattern as to what sold well and didnt. Top traders were'nt incredibly high but then most of the people in Lymington didnt seem to have any real purpose or direction. As a stepping stone this event has really excited as us with what will follow, events can only get busier from and spending will start toi increase to levels we saw and maybe even higher than last year.

Marlborough Town Hall - 17th April

A frustrating start to our new season

This was a replacement event put on to replace another market that was not able to occur. The market had only been released 6 weeks before this event and was , as is usual for our markets, fully booked. We were glad to be able to start the new season at last after months of being in lockdown and really looking forward to working at Marlborough which has been  one of our most reliable venues. Most stall holders too expressed  great joy at being able to run their stalls once more and to be involved in a degree of ‘normality’. We were hoping for great things from this event due to shops having just opened and customers clearly having a lot of money to spend. 

However there were a lot of factors which worked against this event, one being the gorgeous sunny weather enabling potential customers to go to the coast or enjoy a Bar B Q in their gardens, especially as this was the last day of the school Easter holidays.. Secondly this was the day of the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh and this caused a shortage of people visiting Marlborough in the afternoon. It was interesting to note that almost all of our customers today were not locals, but visiting this picturesque historic town. There was also a reluctance from some members of the public to enter a larger building, there still being a risk of COVID 19 despite all of the procedures and systems that we have put in place. By the end of the day we managed a footfall of 315, half the number we would have expected.

Spending was reasonable, with the top stall holder selling £500+ worth of jewellery with another taking £240 from her fantastic art related products. This was however not the day for jewellers other than the one previously mentioned with most reporting small sales. Of note is the extraordinary numbers of the public who were signed up by the ‘Working for Wildlife’ representative, 11 new sign ups being very noteworthy with a low footfall. There was however an excellent atmosphere in the market at all times with most stallholders simply being glad to meet each other once more and to be able to sell their wonderful products. 


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