2020 Market Reports

Here you will find the market reports for all of our events over the last few months, including footfalls and spending tendencies. Overall positives and even negatives about each market are documented for all you stallholders wanting to make an informed decision about any bookings you make. We like to ensure these reports are as honest as possible, we'd much rather adopt this method than sugar coat everything and falsely advertise how incredible a market was if for whatever reason it wasn't. We endeavour to provide the best service possible and these reports should help show how each venue differs whether its easier to unload or the spending is better per customer walking in.

Salisbury Guildhall - 4th July

Our 1st Post ‘Lock Down’ market of the 2020 season

Proving that footfall and spending are NOT always linked!!!!

Our last market had been in March when COVID 19 stopped play, so we were looking forward to restarting our markets. As from June 15th we had been allowed to run ‘Craft Fairs’ but we had decided to wait until July. We were glad that Salisbury Guild Hall was the start of our season as this had been the site of the 1st markets that we had ever run.

Mynt Image had worked with Salisbury City Council to ensure that the market was safe. Hygiene measures had been introduced and a new COVID 19 Risk Assessment been produced to keep both customers and stall holders safe. These new measures were put into place and a member of the Mynt Image team worked inside the event throughout the day to ensure that the measures were  acted upon. This will be the same at all of our events during the coming months as we see safety as paramount in these difficult times.

The day was grey and somewhat dreary throughout. There were plenty of people on the streets of Salisbury but there was a slight reluctance on the behalf of many to come crowding into a Craft Fair. This is something we firmly believe will reduce with time, as the public get used to being able to enter shops and enjoy life to the full in the  ‘new normal’ again.  With 2 Mynt Image staff outside the building throughout the day a footfall of 459 was achieved, which is low for Salisbury.

Despite a poor footfall, stall holders had a really good day and it was a pity that several stall holders had decided to cancel at late notice. Spending was good and there was a huge interest in the products which were for sale. Average spending was between £150 and £180 per stall with some stall holders making in excess of £200, Considering the poor footfall, these are excellent figures and demonstrate just how much customers are willing to spend in 2020 when they have had to cancel their holidays. ‘Wooden pens, art, ‘Forever Living’ and glass all sold well at this event and many customers remarked how good it was to see us back in Salisbury as it made Salisbury seem normal again.

As a final word in this report I enclose below part of a text we have already received from one of the stall holders : ‘Hi. I just wanted to say how lovely that Craft Fair was and the amount of work that you put into hosting the event. So a special thank you to you from me and I am looking forward to the rest of my events with you.’

The Mynt Image team are looking forward to a good summer as our markets continue to reopen.

Lymington Masonic Hall - 14th March

A far higher footfall than expected leads to some good sales

With COVID 19 now being declared a pandemic and all of the scare created by the media, we were not sure how this market would go. Unfortunately we did have 3 stall holders pull out due to the virus, but this certainly didn’t dampen the atmosphere within the hall. The weather was fine and there was a lot of blue sky for much of the day, it actually feeling warm in the sun and potentially one fo the nicest days of the eyar so far. The streets of Lymington were bustling with people, something we had not expected. There was certainly no sign of worry or fear at all present in the town’s shoppers. Throughout the day there was a steady stream of visitors into the market, many tourists looking for somewhere to go and a good number of local people out shopping. There was a good mix of age groups too, and the COVID 19 pandemic does not seem to have stopped the older population from enjoying a day out. By the end of the market we achieved an impressive footfall of 1026.  This footfall is over 400 more than in the previous 2 years in March at Lymington!!!!

Some customers in the morning were simply browsing and not spending. Many were curious to find what was on offer. The spending improved throughout the day, with the afternoon being far more productive for most stall holders, as is common at our markets. Jewellery was in high demand today with 2 different jewellers selling around the £300 mark and another just less than £200. One lade selling bags, sold almost £200.00 as did a newcomer to our markets who was selling liquorice. Miniatures and clocks also sold well. We are only aware of 2 stall holders who did not achieve   their stall fees.

Most stall holders remarked that they had not known what to expect due to the pandemic, and were very surprised with the huge footfall we achieved. Such a large footfall made sure that sales were good for most. It appears that many of the public are simply choosing to ignore what is happening, and simply living their lives as normal. However, what was welcomed by many of our visitors was the hygiene wipes supplied by Mynt Image for both customers and stall holders.

Salisbury Guildhall - 7th March

Our 1st market of the year is successful for many

It’s always strange to start again after nearly 3 months off, but we know that it simply isn’t worth trading in January and February as money is always so short. As usual we started our season in March, with on this occasion Salisbury Guildhall. We have used this historic venue for 8 years and despite various set backs affecting Salisbury such as the Salisbury poisonings, this venue has never failed to perform. We know by now that Salisbury is good throughout the year, with good footfalls and some excellent spending…. And for the most part it didn’t disappoint today.

 It was a beautifully clear cool day in Salisbury with a lovely sunny afternoon. Salisbury was a little quiet at the beginning of the day, possibly due to the Covid 19 virus scare  keeping the more mature people off of the streets. However numbers did pick up a lot as families and tourists emerged. With our new  signage and boards, the venue looked excellent and with staff, adorning new Mynt attire, working outside to draw people in to the event, a footfall of 901 was achieved by the end of the day. This is a quite respectable footfall for Salisbury at this time of year.

Our staff  had to deal with a group of ‘Extinction Rebellion’ teenagers at times throughout the day, being a nuisance and disrupting people wanting to enter the market. Finally we did manage to move them on, but these groups do need to learn to respect others who may have some similar views but are not so vocal!. We also had to deal with a preacher on a soap box after 2.30pm who  affected the footfall with his amplified singing and preaching. Again, although these groups have a right to express their views, it is not at the expense of others group’s rights. We were on the verge of making a legal complaint, but thankfully didn’t need to.

Unfortunately we had 2 jewellers cancel in the week preceding the market, so we were, for a change, low on jewellery sellers. We had some excellent  artists and photographers present, with at least 3 of them exceeding £300 and one selling substantially more. Our Indian Cook book seller also did well just as she had always done at our markets in 2019.

This was a good start to our 2020 season, out 8th year of running events. It certainly showed that people are spending on the High street far better in 2020 than they were in 2019. We are very optimistic for 2020 and looking forward to a good 8th year for both our stall holders and ourselves.

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