2022 Market Reports

Here you will find the market reports for all of our events over the last few months, including footfalls and spending tendencies. Overall positives and even negatives about each market are documented for all you stallholders wanting to make an informed decision about any bookings you make. We like to ensure these reports are as honest as possible, we'd much rather adopt this method than sugar coat everything and falsely advertise how incredible a market was if for whatever reason it wasn't. We endeavour to provide the best service possible and these reports should help show how each venue differs whether its easier to unload or the spending is better per customer walking in.

Witney Corn Exchange - 21st May

A good day in Witney for most
We had a really good mix of stalls in the corn exchange for this event, ranging from regulars to newbies. The stunning array and welcoming atmosphere was complemented by many customers throughout the day which is always great to hear from our point of view. As we opened up at 10am the customers soon started to flood in, the busy highstreet made it easy for us to draw in the crowds. Working hard throughout the course of the day we managed a good flow and it rarely seemed to quieten down. we are very pleased to announce our first footfall over a thousand for the 2022 season with a total of 1032 through the door.
Not only did we see an excellent footfall but the spending was pretty good too! We had at least 2 stallholders clearing £400 and at least half a dozen north of £300. A couple of stallholders just about made costs but otherwise everyone else seemed to be in triple figures. Art was very popular here and jewellery sold well too.
Overall a very good day in Witney!

Marlborough Town Hall - 21st May

A typical early summer Marlborough market.
A warm sunny day with scudding clouds. The High street was quite busy from the start with outside market doing a lively trade. The first hour was typically slow before trade picked up and created an almost continuous footfall for the rest of the day. Several tourist coaches dropped off many potential customers who made their way into our market. By continually working we managed to create a pleasing footfall of 558.
Set up today was simple, though Marlborough tends to be a little short on space. There were some very experenced stallholders and only 1 new to the business. Most stallholders got on really well throughout the day and some new friendships were made. Some stallholders had a really good start to the day, though for most it was the final hour which was the best. One jeweller sold more than £400 and an African themed artist sold £350+
 Several other stallholders achieved £200 including a photographer, scarves and accesories, homewares and a charity knitting stall. Most stallholders achieved +100 + though 1 failed to achieve table costs.
This was a typical Marlborough summer market.

Lyndhurst Community Centre - 14th May

A slower day than anticipated but some reasonable sales
Driving into the forest with bright sunshine beaming down on us there was a staggering optimism for a busy day ahead. All stallholders arrived in excellent spirits and the positivity was overflowing. Set up ran smoothly, so smooth in fact that the one of the trustee members, who look after the hall, complemented us on several occasions. Once set up the hall looked very good, we had many stalls adorning some real height with their setups and that made for an excellent customer experience.
The high street was oddly quiet throughout the day, we were expecting a lot of through traffic as Lyndhurst is on route to many of the new forests prime walking and picnic locations. In recent events we've seen many people stopping specifically at the market from having seen one of the team on the highstreet and then jumping back in their cars and off into the originally intended destination. Combined with this the car park is usually overflowing with visitors for the day but for some reason we didnt see much of this today. Most traffic seemed reluctant to stop as they were rushing to the beach or for bbqs rather than stopping for coffee in the Lyndhurst highstreet. We worked hard though and in the afternoon thankfully the football picked up a little. Overall quieter than previous events but still a respectable footfall for the day.
If we reported spending for the first 5 hours of the day alone the results would show relatively poorly. It seemed the vast majority of sales were made in the last hour and more than made up for a quieter start to the day with most. One or two stall holders didnt seem to make a sale until gone 3pm but still clearing £200. We had 3 stall holders around the £400 mark and half a dozen more between £250 and £300. A couple struggled to clear £100. I feel we hoped for more based on previous days here but overall not bad at all.

Hungerford Corn Exchange - 14th May

A frustrating day for many
It was a bright sunny warm day and people were in a lazy mood. It was hard getting customers into the market let alone making them spend. There were quite a few groups of ladies around, we assume their partners were preparing with a few drinks for the FA cup final. It was really hard getting customers into the market, they seemed to have a lot on their minds 
.....  but we arent sure what. We did eventually reach a footfall of 415 but it really was hard work.
Customers had to be encouraged to spend. With lots of single ladies around, jewellers mostly did well, with 3 jewellers selling around £200. A stall selling photographic equipment strangely also did well selling £300+. However a lady selling Tropic Skincare products achieved almost £400 partly due to the surplus of single ladies looking for treats!!! Most stalls sold around £100 though some did less, mostly the inexperienced sellers.
There was a fantastic range of stalls today and the quality was truly exceptional. It was a pity that there were not enough customers around to truly appreciate this event. As usual stallholders got on really well and many new friendships were made.

Romsey Town Hall - 7th May

A very good start to the Romsey season 


It was a bright, yet cloudy day with a warm breeze, the perfect day for an event. The streets of Romsey were very quiet at first with few shoppers around. But by then time 11am came, there was a very different atmosphere on the streets. People were certainly in Romsey to spend. The economic situation certainly doesn’t seem to have affected the people of Romsey so much as it has done in other areas. Romsey is an affluent area with a slightly more mature population, and this was certainly evident today. After 11am there was a steady stream of customers into the event throughout the day with almost 100 per hour. Our final footfall was an impressive 596, far better than it was in 2021 in spring and summer. People just kept coming and even after the close of the market at 4pm, customers were still wanting to come in. 


Set up was easy today with stallholders arriving after 8.30 as asked and a well spaced out gap between each stallholder arriving. It was a lovely mix of both experienced sellers and new stallholders, many of whom had never been with us before. For several stallholders this was their first ever event. There was an excellent positive atmosphere in the hall and the stalls looked really good and very bright. Top seller today was a stall selling fabric items which sold in excess of £450. Second came an artist/photographer who sold almost £350. Several other stallholders achieved between £150 and £250 including jewellers, a photographer, a chocolate seller and a homeware stall. We are only aware of one stallholder who didn’t cover their costs. 


Romsey is an excellent venue and a good value event. The people of Romsey buy very well and need little encouragement to support our events. The summer is especially good at Romsey with coaches dropping off tourists at Romsey Abbey. The coffee shops around the square in front of the Town Hall are always full, attracting so many customers to this area of the town. We can only advise you to give it a try ….you’re unlikely to be disappointed.

Guildford Guildhall - 7th May

Good to be back in Guildford
It looked to be good sunny day and with some old regulars returning to Guildford it was a fiarly smooth and easy set up. Those that were new to the venue slotting in incredibly well and the halls both up and down stairs looked really good. The day always starts slowly here but we saw a good few customers trickling through in the first hour and the promise of a busy day was upon us. Unfortunately a few spots of rain in the latter part of the morning slowed us down a little but the afternoon picked up nicely. We worked hard to drive people in and had a few bigger flurries reaching a total of 892 which is a big improvement for this time of the compared to last year.
Spending was a little mixed, we had a couple of exceptional sales and one stallholder not selling a thing. It seems some of the main success stories are from returning customers though so the stallholders that have built up a good customer base definitely seemed to do best. We had 3 stalls clearing the £500 mark and a couple around £350-400. There was a lot of smaller items racking up to larger totals rather than bigger items which has been a common theme this year.
Overall a good day in Guildford.

Hungerford Town Hall - 30th April

A mixed day brings mixed results
It was a beautifully sunny Bank Holiday weekend. There was a gentle breeze which made it cool at times. Set up was easy and because stallholfers didnt arrive too early, everything was ready for them when they did. There was a delightfully helpful attitude between stallholders and almost everyone seemed to enjoy the day. The streets were quiet today but we still managed to generate a lot of interest in the event. At times our event was certainly the focal point of the town. We managed to create a satisfactory footfall of 440.
Many customers spent a lot of time in the event today and spending was good for many. 3 stallholders achieved more than £300 including an artist, a jeweller and a homewares stall. Another stall selling home furishings sold in excess of £200. Most stallholders sold between £80 and £150, whilst we are only aware of 3 stallholders who failed to cover their costs. Customers were delighted with the quality of the stalls which to us seemed unusually colourful.
Overall this was a satisfactory market for Hungerford

Lymington Masonic Hall - 30th April

A good day for most in heart of the forest
Set up ran fairly smoothly, we're seeing a lot of stallholders arriving very early here which makes it a little more hectic for ourselves. We're lucky this is such an easy venue to set up otherwise it would potentially cause problems here with so many arriving so early. As the morning progressed the hall looked really good, an excellent mix inside this event with some new products exhibiting here for the first time meant an a warm inviting atmosphere greeted customers when they arrived whether they were returning regualrs or tourists visiting for the day,
Footfall was pretty good throughout the morning, the first hour progessively getting busy followed by a couple hours of constant influx. Even when the highstreet quitened down over lunch flurries of people continued to come through the door and the numbers were flying up. The afternoon slowed after around 2pm with a much slower trickle for the last hour or so. Overall we saw 898 through the door with the majority in the first part of the day.
Spending was pretty good for the most part, it seems there was a keen interest throughout the day from customers so the promise of repeat business here should be good. Sales on the day itself tended to be more of the smaller items. People wanted to buy but with the current climate we think they're refraining from the larger purchases. We had 5/6 stallholders taking £250+ and many sat in the £150-200 bracket. Only a couple didnt cover costs so overall a good day in the forest.

Witney Corn Exchange - 23rd April

An average day at Witney.
A cold windy day with little sun kept the streets of witney quieter than usual. We had 5 stallholders back out due to illness in the 48 hours before the event leaving the market a little sparse. With a skilfull repositioning of tables we managed to make the market look full. By working hard with a limited supply of potential cistomers  we managed to achieve a footfall of 637.
Spending however was disappointing, perhaps due to rising energy prices and a lack of disposable funds. Jewellery however was in demand with 2 jewellers achieving £300+. There were plenty of sales of around £100 which is disappointing for Witney. We look forward to the next Witney market being more successful. Witney has always been such an excellent venue.

Abingdon Guildhall - 23rd April

A Cracking good start to the season at Abingdon
A cool grey day with a strong Easterly breeze made it rather chilly. Strong gusts knocked over our banners throughout the day. Set up was smooth and most stallholders arrived after 8.30 as asked. It was a quiet start to the day with few people in the cafes. By midday the situation totally changed and shoppers were out in force. Customers steadily flowed into the hall during the day and as we walked around the town we were constantly asked where the market was by customers keen to visit. Many said they would visit later ...... and they did!!!! At the end of the day we achieved a very good footfall of 628
Spending was very good for the time of year. A photographer sold £450+ and was very pleased. A stall selling scarves, bags and jewellery achieved £350. A man selling garden ornaments sold £300+. A lady selling fabric items also achieved over £300. Several other stallholders achieved between £150 and £250 including another lady selling fabric items, a lady selling soaps and a candle maker. Only one stallholder failed to cover their stall costs.
Overall this was an excellent market for the time of year and demonstrates yet again what a good venue this is.

Wokingham Town Hall - 16th April

An incredibly promising start to this new venue
A crisp and clear early morning greeted the Mynt Image team for our first ever visit to Wokingham Town Hall. Setting up a new event location takes a lot of time and planning and Wokingham has been keenly anticipated for a number of years now. The location is in the centre of town and the building is an architectural beauty on the outside with a fine upper hall on the inside where our stallholders set up. There is an outside fair every Saturday selling a wide variety of world foods, fresh fruit and veg, eggs, meats etc, flowers, plants and one of two  artisanal stalls. Whilst setting up inside the Mynt staff started making ourselves known to the outside stallholders as well in order to understand how we could best fit in with the locale and manage the shared spaces amicably.
By 9am the town was already starting to see some people out and about and so when 10am struck we were off to a fine start and the steady flow of visitors to the event continued until around 1pm. By this time we had already been enjoying bright sunshine throughout the morning and the weather got hotter still as the afternoon wore on. The town became much quieter in the afternoon and up briefly after 3pm but never got close to the morning hubbub and traffic flow into the hall was consequently quite slow. At the end of the day we had recorded 587 visitors to the hall, a benchmark which gives us reasons to be optimistic for our next event here with approximately a 70/30 split between pre-1pm and post-1pm visitors. Our stallholders were all content with the footfall during the day, observing as we had that it had slowed down from a brisk to a slow stream as the day wore on. Two of our stallholders only managed to make their table fees back for the day and one other just had one sale, which is always very disappointing to them and to us, but the rest of our number made over three figures with half a dozen making several hundreds, precious jewellery was expecially popular. In total our 14 stallholders took over £4,000 over the day.

Milford-on-Sea Community Centre - 16th April

First market in Milford a good one but hampered by sun seekers
A sunny hot day was forecast and the weather didn't disappoint.
Set up was easy as stallholders could park near the back door and take their things directly into the hall.
The roads were busy with Easter holidaymakers finding their way to the beach or sitting in the square or in a pub garden to relax in the warmth. The car park next to the hall soon filled up.
The wonderful weather and lack of parking seemed to impact the footfall into the hall early in the day as customers were keen to get to the seafront. It wasn't until later in the day when those returning from the beach caused numbers to pick up with 80 entering the venue in the last hour. A total of 332 for the day.
Sales were mixed but were better later in the day. 2 jewellers sold well, one sold £260 worth of jewellery to one customer with sales of £400+ for the day. Another stallholder selling art and wellness products had excellent sales as did many others. We are aware of one artist who achieved £250+. We are only aware of one stallholder who did not meet their table costs. There was a good positive atmosphere in the hall throughout the day with most stallholders very positive about the event and several expressing a wish to book more events.
This was a good start to our new Milford-on -Sea venue which we believe has great potential. Its the sort of venue where a small footfall can still result in good sales ust as in other venues we run such as Thame.

Trowbridge Town Hall - 16th April

Where were all of the customers? 


On Easter Saturday we would expect a lot of people to be shopping in Trowbridge, but the street cafes and bars were empty for most of the day and there were very few people sitting outside drinking coffee in the sun. The roads were also very quiet and it was clear that many Trowbridge residents had gone away for the weekend to enjoy the beautifully warm sunny weather we were experiencing. We had to work hard to entice customers into the building, but even with reinforcements in the shape of George, we only managed to create a footfall of 403, our lowest footfall at Trowbridge. 


We had several cancellations the night before the event and 2 no show stallholders on the4 day. However we did manage to create a good market and every stallholders made their stalls look very good. There was a huge range of colours to the stalls and a great deal of diversity meaning that customers had a great deal of different products to choose from. Unusually we had no candles at this event! Despite a low footfall, 3 of our stallholders still made over £200 including a stallholder selling resin products, a photographer and a jeweller. Skincare also seemed to be very much in demand. Spending on the whole however was sown on last year, partly down to the lack of customers and several stallholders failed to meet their table fees which was disappointing. 


We are looking forward to our Autumn events at this excellent venue.

Salisbury Guildhall - 9th April

Best footfall of the year .... so far
A beautiful sunny day but really cold in the shade, which is where we stood all day. Salisbury was busy with huge numbers of tourists in town. We had no problem getting people through the door as most were very willing to come in and browse. 3 stallholders failed to turn up, which was disappointing as they failed to make us aware. Thankfully with the help of stallholders, we managed to make the event look full. The footfall was a very good 997 adults plus numerous children and dogs.
There was plenty of browsing and the day was full of promise. However customers were not very willing to reach into their pockets. One jeweller achieved £350 as did a photographer. 3 artists achieved over £250. A stallholder selling maze designs sold £250+.  Most stallholders achieved between £90 and £150. We are also aware of several stallholders who didnt achieve their stall fees.
This was a promising start to the year at Salisbury and continues the trends of higher than average footfalls.

Henley Town Hall - 9th April

First Henley of the year was a very good day for most
The day started bright and sunny and the team were on good form in helping stallholders run as many bags and boxes to tables as possible making set up was smooth and before long the hall looked really good. An excellent mix of regulars and newbies worked well and the atmosphere couldnt have been friendlier.
The footfall here was pretty consistent throughout the day, a few flurries here and there meant we soon started to rack the numbers up. Out in the square which the hall overlooks a food market helped funnel potential customers towards us and we had a good captive audience to bring in. Over the day we managed a total of 815 through the door, an excellent number for Henley.
Spending seemed pretty good for most. We had one stallholder have her best ever day with us after several years trading at many of our events exceeding £400. Jewellery seemed to sell well with most of jewellers ans mens socks were strangely popular. We know of one stallholder who unfortunatley had a particularly bad day but this seemed anomalous thankfully. Several took £250 and some of our newbies sat between £75 and £150 but seemed to learn a lot from the day which is very valuable, especially in such trying times. Smaller items certainly seemed to sell easier than the larger ones, a trend we're seeing frequently at the moment.

Thame Town Hall - 2nd April

A good positive start to the year at Thame.
A fine frosty morning with snow showers in the afternoon. It was cold but a lack of wind made it bearable. It was an easy set up with stallholders arriving steadily from 8.30. The stalls looked teriffic today with many customers remarking on the quality of the products being sold and the attractiveness of the stalls. The town was busy all day, but strangely most customers came im between 12 and 2pm, possibly to avoid the freezing temperatures at the beginning of the day. The footfall finished at 474, far better than in 2021.
Sales at the beginning of the day were good for most with many stallholders covering costs early on. As usual however, at Thame, the last hour was the best for most stallholders. This really is a phenomenon of Thame that is also present now at several other venues. Photography sold best today at over £450, whilst an artist sold almost £400. 2 authors also did very well surpassing expectations. A stallholder selling fused glass and another selling crystals sold in excess of £200. Many stallholders achieved between £80 and £150 including a young stallholder at her first ever event.
Once again there was a notably positive atmosphere inside the hall, with stallholders assisting each other and developing some good relationships.

Lymington Masonic Hall - 26th March

A sunny day in Lymington brings out the customers


The forecast running up to this weekend was good so we knew we'd be in for a good day despite the time of the year. Set up was pretty easy, stallhoders arrived fairly early (some a little too early) which meant a bustling atmosphere was soon upon us. We loved the mix of regulars and newbies today and the colour and variety was very inviting. Lots of height in a number of stalls meant customers would have had a superbly immersive experience. 
Once the doors had opened at 10am the customers came flowing, the gorgeous sunshine meant the streets were busy in the morning. It led to such a great atmosphere it actually felt more like a summers market than the beginning of spring! The flow continued for most of the day, we had some surges too with handfuls of coach trips and family outings wandering through. It quietened down for the last hour as it often does here but we still managed an excellent 876. A huge number for this time of the year (especially when comparing to last years footfalls.) One thing to note regarding footfall was mentioning mothers day certainly drew customers in.
Spending was pretty good too, we had a quite a few stallholders taking around £300, excellent results for this venue in March!  We saw a lot of smaller items sell today, many seemed to be little extra gifts for mothers day (the day after) and this was complimented by some of the more expensive items such as prints and jewellery sets. A very good day overall for most.
We always love a trip to the New Forest and can't wait to be there again soon with our newest venue Milford-on-Sea! Click here to book if you havent already!

Witney Corn Exchange - 19th March

A good day for most in sunny Oxfordshire


We were spoilt by the weather today, much sunnier than we'd anticipate for this time of the year and it definitely boosted the atmosphere for the day. Set up ran fairly smoothly, it was a little trickier than normal due to the stage rigging in the hall having been upgraded leaving us a little less room than previously. It meant that it was. little tighter than usual but the stallholders utilised the space well and there was a very inviting draw to the event.
Footfall was pretty steady throughout the day. We had individuals and couples entering  fairly regulalry with lots of little flurries of larger groups spread across the day. We often see a quieter hour over lunchtime but this didnt seem to happen on this occasion which is always good. Overall a footfall of 690 was achieved, not bad at all for Witney in March.
Sales were somewhat of a mixed bag, we had 4 stallholders take £250+ and several more £150-200. A handful didnt quite reach the £100 mark but seemed in good spirits. Only one struggled to cover costs that we are aware. Overall a pretty good day with a lot of potential repeat business based on conversations had over the day.

Devizes Corn Exchange - 19th March

A reasonable footfall but poor spending.

The 1st beautiful sunny Saturday of the year but with a brisk cold wind. Devizes was quiet today from the start. There seemed to be few people out shopping possibly due to concerns regarding increasing covid rates and the spiralling cost of living. There were a lot of browsers today and a lack of commitment to spending. By working hard we managed a footfall of 517 though this was unfortunately not reflected in the unusually low spending.
There was an excellent atmosphere between stallholders today with some really good new relationships being forged. Stallholders really worked together as one and assisted each other resulting in a happy positive atmosphere.
3 stallholders achieved over £200 including a jeweller, a glass maker and an artist. Many other stallholders achoeved between £100 and £150. We are aware thst 3 stallholders did not achieve their table, but even these said they had had a lovely day. It was particularly nice to see a new mother/daughter team have such a lovely day together as well as making some good money.

Hungerford Town Hall - 12th March

A good strong start to our year at Hungerford


For once at Hungerford, we were promised a dry day, and in the morning there was even some warmth. There was a ‘keen’ wind throughout the day which blew briskly up the High Street making it feel colder than it was. There were certainly plenty of people around in Hungerford today, especially before lunch, many enjoying the sunny morning, though wrapped up warm in the wind. The footfall was relatively strong right from the start with over 80 customers in the first hour, though as is often the case, it was the fewer customers at the end of the day who spent the best. Spending was quite good throughout the day, though it was mostly smaller items which sold well in the morning. There was a big ‘lull’ in numbers in early afternoon as visitors to Hungerford enjoyed their lunch at the many Hungerford restaurants and hotels, however by the end of the day we achieved a good footfall of 502, a very respectable footfall for Hungerford. 


There was a really good mix of stalls at this event today, with no category being over represented. The stalls were also of a very high standard and this was remarked upon by several customers as they left the event. There were several new stallholders at todays event and these were well supported by our many regular stallholders who know just how good Hungerford can be. 


Some good sales were achieved today, especially since this is only March and the start of the season. One jeweller sold almost £400 whilst another jeweller achieved almost £300. One artist selling African themed items sold just over £300, whilst a charity stall sold over £200 of children’s knitwear. One candle seller also sold over £250 as did a photographer. Another notable success was a lady selling nailart who had a tremendous day selling almost £300. Most stall holders sold around the £100 mark with, as far as we are aware, only 1 stallholder not achieving their stall fees. These are good figures for this time of year and from a footfall of 502, demonstrating just how well the people of Hungerford actually spend.

Salisbury Guildhall - 12th March

A sunny day in Salisbury brings out the people
We had a few showers on the way into Salisbury this morning but as we set up the sun started to come through. Perfect market conditions really. Set up was a little more hectic than usual as Queen Street, our usual loading/unloading area, was closed for access unbeknownst to Mynt. We of course found out far too late to inform stallholders, so the confusion caused minor chaos. George must have covered a good couple of kilometres running around to assist unloading as much as possible to make life a little easier.
Once set up however, the hall looked good. There was a fantastic mix of both seasoned regulars and some new stall holders brought a good variety to the people of Salisbury. The square was busier than anticipated, predominently due to the sunshine we assume and we had a good few flurries through the day. We seemed to have 4/5 spells of real busyness but also time when things became a little quieter. At this time of the year footfalls can be a little more unpredictable but we were happy with the 723 achieved. Most customers seemed in good spirits and chatty but not overly keen on spending.
Several stallholders still did well of course, we had 4 take around the £300 mark and quite a few between £150 and £200 so not bad at all for early March. One particular positive today was the interest we saw for future purchases so we're expecting some aftermarket sales whether online or at future events. We were only aware of one stall holder not covering costs. Overall a good day.

Marlborugh Town Hall - 5th March

A busy start to the year
We never know what to expect from our 1st market of the year especially this year emerging from a pandemic and with an international crisis. It was  a brutally cold day with a biting wind, we had forgotten how cold March could be. There were plenty of people on the streets and in the cafes. It is clear that Marlborough is thriving once more. By working hard we managed to achieve a very good footfall of 609 customers, beating all 2021 figures except Christmas. 
Spending was very slow in the morning and we were quite concerned. Thankfully it greatly improved during the afternoon ending im some reasonable sales though we would have expected better with such a good footfall. A lady selling African themed items sold almost £400 and a photographer over £250. Several stallholders sold just under £200 including a candle seller and a jeweller who was at her first ever market. We are only aware of 1 stallholder who didnt cover costs.
There was a lovely atmosphere in the event at all times and stallholders remarked on the delightful positive atmosphere. This was an enjoyable start to the season.
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