2021 Market Reports

Here you will find the market reports for all of our events over the last few months, including footfalls and spending tendencies. Overall positives and even negatives about each market are documented for all you stallholders wanting to make an informed decision about any bookings you make. We like to ensure these reports are as honest as possible, we'd much rather adopt this method than sugar coat everything and falsely advertise how incredible a market was if for whatever reason it wasn't. We endeavour to provide the best service possible and these reports should help show how each venue differs whether its easier to unload or the spending is better per customer walking in.

Lyndhurst Community Centre - 24th July

What. A. Day.

Where do we begin, what a great market this was. 


This was our very first time in the Lyndhurst Community Centre and to be honest we felt right at home. There is always some anticipation and potentially even some nerves when we start at a new venue as of course we pride ourselves in providing the very best markets for our stallholders. Within minutes of arriving any concerns were immediately quashed, the hall staff were excellent and everything was as we needed it to be. The set up was fantastically easy, being able to unload at the back door meant we could get stallholders into the hall in no time at all. The free parking onsite is also a huge plus.


The hall looked superb, we had a great mix of regular stallholders and a couple of new ones too. Everyone incredibly friendly we were ready for the day ahead. The only thing able to dampen spirits was the weather, several showers throughout the morning was not ideal for the Mynt time working hard to draw a crowd but didn't seem to matter at all. The Hall overlooks the main car park in Lyndhurst and even though the town wasn't necessarily busy throughout the day it seemed everyone wanted to have a look inside. The flow was constant both morning and afternoon, probably the most consistent footfall we've seen in a long time. There was always a buzz around the hall and it never got quiet. Overall we saw 733 customers through the door (one of the busiest markets Lyndhurst has seen we have heard).


Now onto spending... We beleive that the lowest taking for the day was around £200. We saw 2 stallholders take around £600 with at least 3 around the £400 mark. To be honest there wasnt really a pattern as to what did and didnt sell as it seemed everyhting did. The only way we can really add comment is to when people sold. For example our glass fuser sold incredibly well straight off the mark but our wood turner didnt seem to really start flying until the afternoon. Of course both did well overall so it didnt actsully matter when the sales were made. 


Overall we couldn't have been happier with how the day went. One word that was used when packing away by a handful of stallholders was 'overwhelmed' and that really sums up with how impressed we were. This was probably one of the best markets we've run since the start of the pandemic and many likened it to a Christmas market. What a day!

Romsey Town Hall - 24th July

A very good summer market for most

Romsey is one of the placers that performs very well in the Summer season, and today, for mo0st stall holders, just proved the point. Despite drizzly conditions for some of the day and a torrential shower or two, most stall holders were very happy with the results. This was our first event at Romsey since Lockdown measures had been relaxed. We had a new range of posters to encourage customers to wear masks and to encourage hand sanitisations practices. We did keep the one way system, which although several members of the public refused to follow it, kept the majority of stall holders and customers as safe as possible.

Unfortunately Paul as part of the Mynt team was sworn at several times in his efforts to maintain the one way system. We were glad that the intense heat of the last week had given way to a cooler day today, and despite drizzly conditions there were plenty of people on the streets shopping. BY the end of the day a footfall of 506 customers had been produced. 


The morning, as is often the case, was predictably slow and spending poor, but we are glad to say that it did pick up after lunch, especially in the final 2 hours of the event. Sales were still being made after 4pm. All stall holders reported covering their table costs and most did substantially better. One couple selling honey and bee products sold almost £400 as did a stall holders selling mainly fabric bags. Another stall holder selling fabric bags and other fabric items also sold in excess of £240 as did one of our jewellers selling silver jewellery. One of our candle sellers also sold almost £300 whist another jeweller sold around £200. A soap seller also reported selling nearly £150 on her 2nd ever market with Mynt Image What was lovely today was the excellent atmosphere in the halls at all times, with all stall holders saying how much they had enjoyed the day. 


This really was a good Summer event and demonstrated just how good Romsey can be when the tourists are in town.


Lymington Masonic Hall - 17th July

A classic Lymington Summer market

Summer had most definitely arrived in Lymington!  The sun was out in force, over 25 degrees, and the High Street was extremely busy.  There was a seafood festival in the town (a fair walk away) and many people were walking past us going to it or walking back up the hill us after attending.  Although many festival goers did not come into our event there were plenty of locals and day trippers who did and the hall was busy throughout the day, although it slowed down slightly in the afternoon which is normal for Lymington.  Sara and Keith worked hard out on the street ensuring as many customers visited the hall as possible and we heard lots of great comments about the wonderful items being sold.  I must say, the hall looked absolutely fabulous, possibly the best I have ever seen it with an array of wonderful items, practically everything was handmade with love.  Stall holders in general had a good day, some reported making their table costs and a little more which is what they were hoping for.  Only one or two were not particularly happy with their results, but there were certainly plenty of stall holders who did very well indeed and went home very happy.  We were given a gift for our hard work and bought drinks - so thanks to our stall holders for that.  We had many kind words of thanks from pretty much all of them.  It is nice to know they realise how hard we always work to bring in custom.  The eventual footfall was 706 which we were so happy with.  It really was an all round wonderful day.


Thame Town Hall - 17th July

The hottest day of the year stifles trade but still some good sales.

This was a really mixed market with several traders not doing well at all, whilst several others had really good days. 

The really hot weather really affected this market in historic Thame. There were simply very few people on the streets shopping , many instead enjoying the hot weather at home, in the countryside by the river or travelling to the coast. Very few people choose to go shopping in 30 degree heat!! 


We had a good mixture of new and established stall holders at this event, It was warm in the hall, however most soon realised just how warm it was outside when they took a break, many hastily retreating to their stalls and the relative coolness. We had difficulty in attracting customers into the  building at first and looked for alternative methods. We found that if we continually walked around the Thame shopping area, locals and tourists started to notice our signs and most eventually, in their own time, paid the market a visit. Mynt Image staff walked in excess of 10 miles during the day in the heat to attract in customers. At times there were very few to entice into the building, but we persevered and by 4pm had managed to attract 296 customers into the market. 


As we have already noted, although the majority of stall holders at least covers their table fees, a few sold nothing. Most stall holders did cover costs and managed to return a small profit. 2 fortunate stall holders, one artist and one lady selling ceramics sold almost £400. A man selling products made from honey sold in excess of £250 as did one of our more experienced jewellers. Considering the lower than normal footfall, most stall holders seemed to enjoy the market. 

I am not one to moan about the heat, having craved some sun all summer, but we really do hope that the conditions in early August at Thame will be little more conducive to creating a good market.

Abingdon Guildhall - 16th July (Fri)

Our 1st ever Friday market at Abingdon proves successful for most.

This was our first ever Friday market at Abingdon. We had timed it on purpose to be on the same day as the monthly Farmers market which is located on the square right opposite the Guildhall. This was the first hot sunny day we had had for many weeks and there were certainly plenty of people on the streets, either purchasing from the Farmers Market or sitting outside the many cafes enjoying the summer sun (at last!). There were a good number of visitors to Abingdon, many enjoying the sites of the ancient market town. Besides this being a new venue for many stall holders, the set up went very smoothly and it was good to see stall holders assisting each other. There were certainly a lot of potential visitors to the market and we needed to try various methods to attract them into the hall. The Mynt Image staff tried the usual loud vocalisations and these brought good n umbers into the market with over 60 in the first hour. To reach the potential customers who were seated at the tables, a member of the team started to go around the market and outside the cafes with a sign. This brought immediate effects and we managed to create a steady stream of customerts into the hall throughout the day. At the end of the day a count of 312 had been achieved, very satisfactory for our first ever Friday event at this location.


Sales in the morning were slow for many stall holders and customers mostly seemed to be browsing and enjoying the ambience of the event. There is always a good atmosphere at this location. During the afternoon, sales did seem to greatly improve for many stall holders. It was also good to see several customers who had visited the event in the morning, returning to buy some of the products they had seen. There were some good sales at this event, and please remember that this is a Friday not at Saturday. One woodworker sold £6.00 before lunch but by the end of the afternoon had sales in excess of £250. One photographer also did well selling £200+. A lady selling fabric bags and related items sold in excess of £300 and we are aware of at least 2 other stall holders making around the £200 mark. One or two stallholders did not do so well, barely covering their tables unfortunately. Sales of Advent Calendars were again a feature for our card seller. Several stall holders were graced by a last minute customer who spent around £150 at several different stalls, thus demonstrating that it’s always good to stay selling right up to the last minute.


This was our first weekday market at Abingdon. Bearing in mind how successful it was for many, we not only look forward to the others we have booked at this location for the rest of the year, but we have also approached the hall to look into some mid-week dates for 2022.

Salisbury Guildhall - 10th July

A classic Salisbury Summer market

It was a dull, drizzly summer’s day and we had driven through some heavy rain to get to the event. Fortunately just after 10am, the rain eased and then before 11am stopped, leaving a dull overcast day. Dull Summer days are good for venues such as Salisbury as those on holiday have little to do except visit Salisbury, see the sights and do some shopping. The outside market was busy from the start of the day and this quickly spilled over into The Guild Hall. There were good numbers of tourists around and these provided a good footfall throughout the day. There were few slack times within the market and by the end of the day a very good footfall of 789 had been achieved. It was interesting to see several customers returning during the day to buy something they had seen earlier. Many of the best buyers were during the last hour with one last minute customers spending over £100 after 4pm. 


Spending was typical of a Salisbury Summer market, with the nest buyers in the afternoon. We are not aware of any stall holders who did not make their stall fees back. At least 2 stall holders made in excess of £300, one selling ethnic style jewellery and another imported South African products. Several other stall holders sold £200+ including an artist, a stall selling products made from bees, a silver jeweller, a lady selling chopping boards and a young author. It was good to have several new faces with us today including an experienced crafter new to the area selling home sewn teddy bears, a young lady selling tote bags and a your couple selling woven fabric, all of whom did well. Our experienced crafters were very willing to share their knowledge and techniques with our new starters who all reported learning a lot from the market. There was a very positive feel to the market throughout. 


This Summer market yet again proved that if you have the right products to sell to tourists, summer markets can be very profitable. There was also a sign that people are buying early for Christmas, just as we have seen in other markets in recent weeks.

Henley Town Hall - 10th July

Back to pre Covid standard Henley

Henley has become a favourite over the years and this event saw a glimpse of what Henley used to be like. Set up was smooth, stallholders staggered arrival meant we could assist a lot with unloading. The hall looked fantastic with a good mix of new and regular stallholders creating inviting displays.

As the day began we had a few spots of rain but we didnt let that stop us drawing a crowd. A couple food stalls in the square helped bring people into the area and we simply sent them into the hall. As the day brightened up the streets grew busier and our footfall increased accordingly, we managed to achieve a total of 728, the highest we've seen here since before COVID entirely.


Spending was mixed, we had a couple of stallholder who struggled to cover costs however many had a good day. Two of our jewellers took over £300, as did one of our artists and a photographer took around £400. We had an enameller join us too who's sales weren't incredible however the huge interest was fantastic so we look forward to seeing some aftermarket sales from this event. Christmas presents seemed to be popular today too, a month or so earlier than usual. Overall a really positive market in Henley.

Hungerford Town Hall - 3rd July

Hungerford delivers as usual

It was a grey and threatening day outside for most of the day with brief periods of short lived sunshine. At times there were periods of light drizzle, though these seemed to retreat with the threat of raincoats. Unfortunately there were also substantial roadworks happening right outside the Town Hall, with a replacement set of traffic lights causing havoc to the roads and huge tailbacks at times. The team had to make themselves seen and heard above the pneumatic road breakers and large construction lorries. The Mynt Image Team felt somewhat demoralised after the first hour with just 35 customers entering the building. We had forgotten that Hungerford however is always slow to start and we needn’t worry too much about footfall, as by the middle of the day footfall rapidly increased with the arrival of large groups of tourists with little to do arriving for a day out in Hungerford. By the end of the day we managed to achieve a very respectable Hungerford footfall of 422, very comparable to pre-covid markets. 


Selling was interesting with some stall holders doing extremely well and others not even covering their stall costs (3 stall holders). One photographer did the best today selling in excess of £400, smartly followed by a lady selling scarves and richly coloured items who sold over £300. One artist also sold in excess of £300. A charity stall for a local hospice selling knitted items sold nearly £250 and a lady selling cards sold £170+. Unfortunately not everyone did as well, though there were several other stalls selling around the £100 mark. Many stall holders remarked on the excellent atmosphere in the hall throughout the day and one on the steady flow of customers, many of whom spent over an hour at the market. It should also be noted that we had 3 new stall holders elling at their first ever markets, one of whom sold in excess of £100 and another who almost deoubled their 

stall cost….. agood start. All of the new stall holders said that tey had learnt a lot from the more experienced stallholders who were more than happy to share their practice and tips 


Of particular note however today was the fact that Christmas items were selling very well with advent calendars making up 95% of one stalls income and another selling a good many Christmas decorations. It really does seem that Christmas buying is starting very early this year.

Guildford Guildhall - 3rd July

A strange and tough day

With a handful of last minute cancellations (it seems everyone is having to isolate over the last few weeks) the hall was spread slightly thinner than we'd usually have. Fortunately the fantastic stallholders we had booked in made the most of the oppurtunity to take up a little extra space. The two halls looked really good and the atmosphere among stallholders was lovely. The sun had even made an appearance first thing so the day was set up perfectly.


Footfall is always slow to begin with in Guildford, the first hour tends to be older shoppers getting in and out of town ahead of day trippers and younger families out shopping for the day. We started to get a few through the door but a couple of heavy showers around 11 held us back a little. After that we struggled to gain momentum, the highstreet was quiet for guildford and if it wasnt for the busker who kept us entertained all day then there would have been no atmosphere at all outside. We had to work hard to get customers that we did and somehow managed 423 when it could have easily been a much quieter day.


Spending was mixed, one stallholder didnt make a sale and another didn't quite cover costs. Although it sounds quite negative the stallholder who hadnt quite made sale on the day had a lot of positive interest with many potential postmarket sales and even a couple of oppurtunites to stock an independent outlet. Several hundred pounds were sold by each of our jewellers and Guildfords resident artist took £200+. Considering how unuusually tough it had been there were more positive results than we couldve seen based on how little people had been spending on the highstreet shops today.

Salisbury Guildhall - 3rd July

Salisbury starts our Summer Season

This was a last minute event arranged as a replacement to our Lyndhurst market which had to be cancelled due to flooding within the building. Unfortunately many of the stall holders who had booked Lyndhurst decided that Salisbury was too far for them which left us a little short of stall holders at this replacement event. We did however by careful use of the space, manage to give all of the stallholders at this event a little additional space which most of them made good use of very readily. We must also than one of the stallholders for stepping in at the last minute to help us run this event, when one of the Mynt Image Team had to go unfortunately into self isolation. We take COVID 19 very seriously and would not want to risk any of the public or stallholders who attend our events. The replacement staff member did a great job at working with Aaron, and by the end of the day a good footfall of 613 had been achieved. 


Sales were average for Salisbury, though many people had a good day. Best seller was a man selling wooden pens and other wood turned items who managed to sell in excess of £300. Jewellery also went down well with 2 jewellers selling in excess of £150. One photographer sold over £150 whist the couple selling chocolates also had a good day. One lady selling African style related wooden items in aid of charity reported having an amazing first ever day at Salisbury. There was the usual last minute flurry of customers at Salisbury, as there is at many of our markets, and this proved to bring in the best sales for several stall holders. One stall holder at her first ever event was pleased to sell several items. There was a good atmosphere in the hall throughout the event, making the event enjoyable for most stallholders

Witney Corn Exchange - 26th June

A good day for most in Witney

The day started grey and with the recent poor weather we were marginally concerned we'd get wet in Witney today. Fortunatley it brightened up throughout the day and we saw a little sun in the afternoon too. Set up was a little hectic, we had a couple of last minute no shows which is always a pain and a couple of stallholders were a little later than usual but once set up the hall was very inviting. It was good to see a mix of rrgualrs and newbies here too.


Footfall came in flurries more so than a steady flow, it was spread fairly even across the day though which meant the hall was never too quiet. The busiest spell was probably the last 15 minutes! At least 1 stall holder took over £100 in this time further proving its never worth packing up early. Overall we saw 617 through the door.


Spending overall was fairly mixed, most seemed to fall into the £100-200 bracket with at least 3 taking over £250. A couple of stallholders struggled to cover costs and there was no real standout product type. It was difficult to determine why customers bought from certain stalls as it really was that mixed. Witney has been good over the last couple of years so we're certainly not worried.

Romsey Town Hall - 19th June

What a difference the weather makes

This really was a June market at its best, and such a difference from the market we held at this venue last week. The day was grey and cloudy and although warm, was not beach or BBQ weather. For these reasons, there were plenty of people out in Romsey shopping and there were a lot of tourists looking to enjoy the historic side of Romsey. Last week, customers would not engage with stall holders; this week some spent up to an hour in the market and spoke to every stall holder. Footfall was steady throughout the day with roughly 80- customers each hour, resulting in a final footfall of 466


It was unfortunate that 8 stallholders decided to cancel their stalls in the 2 days before the market for a variety of genuine reasons, but we must express our thanks to the stall holders who did attend and used the additional space they were given to good effect, making the upper hall, especially, look really good. 


Although the footfall was only marginally higher than last week, spending was remarkably different, with some very good buyers, especially in the morning. One stall holder made a sale of over £100 within the first 5 minutes of the market being open. One couple , Romsey regulars, sold around £500 of miniatures and clocks. A photographer who had barely covered their costs last week sold almost £250 whist another photographer sold almost £300. One candle seller sold almost £300, making their long journey really worthwhile. An artist did well, though for this artist it was mostly small items that were being bought. Fabric children’s toys and fabric bags also sold well at 2 different stalls. We had several new stall holders with us, 3 of who0m had never sold at markets before, one, selling ceramics making almost £150. … a very good first ever event! We are aware of several other stall holders who sold around £100 and of only 1 stall holder who failed to cover their costs. 


This was a good Romsey market and the spending was very good, as is often the case at Romsey. We look forward to our July event at this excellent location, and the promises of a newly installed lift to make the market easier for both stallholders and customers.

Salisbury Guildhall - 12th June

Tough day in the sun

Salisbury has always been one of our favourite markets and today looked like it would not disappoint. There were people out in the market sqaure early on and the sun was shining, what more could you want from Salisbury. Set up ran smoothly, we had a number of new stall holders to this venue so it was lovely to welcome them all along with the handful of regulars. We really do have a superb range of products on display at our markets and todays was particular colourful.


The day started well, we saw a good flow of customers throughout the morning. The atmosphere was certainly pleasant and on occasions we saw queues to get into the market. By around 2 o'clock we saw the footfall easily pass the 500 mark so hopes were held high for a superb day. Unfortunately that was when the flow dropped off a cliff with less than a hundred entering during the last 2 hours. Whether it was the gorgeous weather and the beckoning call of pub gardens and barbecues or the first Euro's match of the day, the market square became quiete and we lost all momentum. It was really tough to drag them in over the course of the afternoon and it seemed just as tough to get them spending. Overall footfall was a respectable 603.


Spending was mixed to say the least, at least 2 stallholders taking over £400 and 1 unfortunatley not making a sale. A brand new stall holder sold 2 pairs of her earrings so was delighted with the outcome. There was no real rhyme or reason as to who sold well and who didnt, the interest was superb and business cards were taken keenly. We're pretty confident those who perform on social media will do well with aftermarket sales 

Romsey Town Hall - 12th June

An un-satisfactory Romsey Market

This market was scheduled for Lyndhurst, but relocated to Romsey due to the flooding at Lyndhurst. 


It was a gorgeous warm sunny day, the start of a forecast settled spell. There were plenty of people in Romsey at the start of the day, but most were simply interested in sitting outside the cafes and enjoying the sun. By one O’clock the streets went really quiet and the outside market was packed up by 2pm. It was clear that most people wanted to enjoy the sun on the coast or in their gardens, many with the added draw of the Wales versus Switzerland Euro game. Customers who did come in during the morning seemed reluctant to make eye contact and certainly didn’t part with their money easily. Even though footfall numbers declined in the afternoon, those who did enter the building as customers purchased much better. By the end of the day, by not taking a break, the Mynt staff managed to create a footfall of 442 customers. 


Despite a better afternoon for spending, many stall holders did not do well and we are aware of several who unfortunately did not cover their table costs. Even for those who did sell better, their sales were half what they usually did at Romsey. 3 stall holders achieved sales in excess of £200, including an artist and a stall selling miniatures. Jewellers possibly struggled the most today, though 3 jewellers more than covered costsand one selling silver jewellery made some good sales. Our 2 authors both reported having had good days with sales of over £100. These figures are however disappointing for Romsey and we do trust that our next market at this venue will perform better

Guildford Guildhall - 5th June

Poor start to the day with a much better ending

We have been looking forward to the return of this market since the moment the last lockdown had been announced. Guildfords tight corridors and doorways make oneway systmes and socil distancing for customers a little tougher to negotiate than some of the other halls hence the delays in getting it back up and running. Despite the long break since we last visited this stunning venue it was like we had never left when setting up, an abundance of regulars set up without hesitiation and the handful of newbies here fit in perfectly. 


The day itself started really slow as it often does in Guildford and the sun was beating down on the highstreet. It was really hardwork to draw a crowd throughout the day, we kept optimistic and pushed constantly but the harsh reality was it felt like talking to a brick wall all day. Our total footfall was 582, not dissimilar to many of last years markets. The busy hightreet was almost a little teasing as it felt as though we shouldve seen more through the door but it was clear the lack of 'shoppers' meant we  were always up against it. 


It was a tough day for spending, especially in the morning. Usually we'd see shoppers laden with 3/4 bags in each hand whereas this time you were lucky to see one bag between 3/4 people. Sales were slow to start with but thankfully picked in the afternoon. One artist and jeweller took just under £400 with several around the £250 mark. It was really good to see a lote of interest though with many cards taken so it looks as though the online/aftermarket sales will be really profitable. Roll on July.

Lymington Masonic Hall - 5th June

A very good footfall leads to some good sales.

We were looking forward to working at Lymington today due to the fgact that it was going to be a warm sunny day which we knew would bring the tourists onto the streets of Lymington. And we were right, because before the market even opened we had been visited by several customers looking for an early purchase. The streets were thronging with customers for most of the day, all enjoying the bright sunshine, but many with a mission to get to the beach or to a BBQ. By the end of the day we had attracted a very good footfall of 848 customers into the Masonic Hall, demonstrating once more, just how good this venue can be in the Summer. The footfall was especially high in the late morning, tailing off towards the end of the afternoon. At peak periods we had to ask customers to queue outside the hall so as to allow a maximum COVID safe number into the building. 


Customers were keen to come into the hall, though spending was not the best at the beginning of the day. At peak times, selling seemed to be at its weakest with most sales being or a low value nature. There were plenty of tourists in Lymington and they certainly wanted to buy memories of their New Forest holidays. In the afternoon, the average sale value rose considerably with some larger items being sold. One jeweller sold in excess of £400. We are aware of several other stall holders selling between £250 and £300 including an artist, a liquorice seller, a lady selling pictures made from shells and stones and a couple selling miniatures. Other stall holders also had a good day including a couple selling chocolate, another artist, our apron seller and a lady selling fabric items. There will unfortunately always be those who don’t seem to do so well and we are aware of 2 stall holders who failed to meet their costs. 


Overall this was a good market and demonstrated the potential of Lymington during the Summer months. Summer markets at the right venues can be excellent and in 2020, some summer sales exceeded those made during the Christmas season.

Witney Corn Exchange - 29th May

Our first market in 2021 at this venue is a great success

It was so good to be back working at Witney. Witney is one of our favourite locations and becoming increasingly popular with stall holders. On warm dry days like today, there are always good numbers of people on the streets in Witney and today was no exception. Potential customers are still slightly reluctant to enter markets due to the concerns of COVID and this does always have an adverse affect on footfall. Witney is always a pleasant market to run and we know just how well customers spend when they are at the stalls. With strict COVID measures in place, we have a maximum number of customers we are allowed inside the Corn Exchange and we did end up with some queues at times. It’s no wonder we have few spaces left for stall holders for the rest of the year at Witney . BY the end of the day we had attracted 553 customers into the Corn Exchange. 


Spending was good for many stall holders, though a few reported not having such a good day. One jeweller had sales in excess of £440 and an artist also sold nearly £400. A couple with a doiuble table selling South African products sold in excess of £300. One lady selling clothing only sold a few products but ended up with almost £300 of sales from her first ever market. Wooden pens were also in demand with sales of over £150 A few stall holders reported having an average day though we are only aware of 2 stall holders who didn’t cover costs. There was a good feeling in the Corn Exchange throughout the day with a good number of customers spending a substantial time in the venue. 


This was our first market at this venue sice Lockdown was eased. We look forward to both footfall and sales increasing as the year progresses

Lymington Masonic Hall - 29th May

A storming morning with a mediocre afternoon

It was the perfect weather for a market in the beautiful town of Lymington. Some gorgeous sunshine with a light breeze to stop us sizzling in what felt like the first nice day in forever. Set was easier than ever, we had more double tables than usual so slighter few stalls but with bigger set ups. It meant it was a doddle to unload and fopr the most part we were ready to go well before opening time. We had a nice mix of regulars, some stallholders we hadnt seen since pre covid and even a couple of newbies. All round a perfect mix. 


The nice weather meant we saw a lot of footfall early on, the first 3 hours nearly saw 500 and the final 3 saw just less than half of that totalling 692 through the door. The day started with some good quality customers and shifted into the kind of tourists that were escaping to the new forest for an inexpensive mini break before quietening down in the afternoon where everyone seemed to be enjoyingthe sun by the marina. The more typical Lymington/Nautical kind of customer seemed to be the earlier birds and the ones spending. The holidaymakers were more inclined to just enjoying the day out and bank holiday from work so didnt spend quite so well. 


Each stallholder seemed to have a completely different day, most took relatively well with a few selling larger items tipping them into the particularly good bracket. Overall a good day but with just a few more customers in the afternoon we couldve had an excellent one.

Marlborough Town Hall - 29th May

The first warm, dry Saturday for many weeks

At last some sun to bring out the tourists to Marlborough on a bank holiday weekend, and they were there in force in the morning. The streets were already busy when we started the market at 10am and they remained busy throughout the morning. There were spells when we had a small queue at the door waiting to enter the market. Unfortunately the afternoon was quieter and customers came in surges. By the end of the day we had a chieved a very satisfactory footfall of 470 customers, a good improvement on our April figure. 


With a good footfall in the morning, we would have expected sales to have been better in the morning, bust as is often the case, some stall holders found sales better during the last hour of the market when it was quieter. Sales were generally good with at least 3 stall holders achieving sales of around £300 and one substantially more. Best sales of the day went to a jeweller who had her stall upstairs. An artist also did very well today with her range of products all to her own designs. It was also good to see our stall selling wire sculptures doping extremely well. Downstairs our charity based stall selling knitted and crocheted goods also achieved just short of £300, her knitted toys selling exceptionally well. Many stall holders had sales of between £100 and £200 and we are aware of only one stallholder who failed to recoup their costs. 


We had several new stall holders with us at this market and they fitted in really well with our more experienced sellers who are always more than happy to share advice and give tips. There is always a good atmosphere at our Marlborough market and today was no different. All of our stallholders remarked on how safe they felt within the building, where our COVID measures were strictly enforced throughout the day.

Romsey Town Hall - 22nd May

A hard working day but pre lockdown numbers

The historic market town of Romsey is becoming a Mynt favourite and for the most part this event did not disappoint. Set up ran as smoothly as it could've with the lift reparations taking a little longer than anticipated. The Mynt team ran tirelessly up and down the stairs to help as many stallholders set up as possible so the lack of lift wasn't entirely the end of the world but when it is again operational it'll be an absolute luxury.


The town was quiet initially but soon sprang to life half hour or so into the event and the customers started to flow, many of which seemed to spend a long time in the hall so they certainly showed some good interest. Unusually for Romsey we had a lull through lunch time and it was tough to regain momentum after that. The few people milling around were moe interested in grabbing a coffee than shopping so the team had to work exceptionally hard to draw a crowd. We managed 511 over the course of the day, a number we're used to seeing pre COVID so it was good to have plenty of customers. The weather varied during the day, the odd shower made life a little more difficult than we'd have hope and the lack of sunshine wasnt ideal, especially when a warmer afternoon may have seen a greater footfall.


Spending was anything but straight foward, some stall holders had a good morning, some a a good afternoon and some even had both but with a quieter spell in the middle. There was no real pattern in terms of spending but the overall feel was smaller items were more popular than the larger ones. It was a strange day spending wise but certainly not a bad one overall. In short, when the weather improves slighlty we think we'll have some incredible events here. Roll on June. 

Henley Town Hall - 15th May

Wet and windy start but a much better ending

Henley has always been a staple market for us, always popular with stallholders and this is simply due to the spending. Today we had the weather against us but some good sales were still to be had. We set up mostly in the dry with dark clouds looming over the town. The hall had a really good mix inside, we welcomed a number of new stall holders and some regulars who collectively made for an inviting experience. 


As the day got underway it was good to see a return to the sqaure in front of the hall being utilised by the local cafes and restaurants to provide outside seating and in turn helping to create a good atmosphere. The first few hours of the day however were slightly quieter here due to the occasional shower but good old british resilience came through and we were relatively busy as the sun began to shine through. The last half an hour or so saw a bit of a rush, we're pretty confident the footfall couldve exceed 500 if it was sunnier sooner and perhaps even 600/700 if we had a full day of sun as we'd have expected in May. Overall however, the showers held us to a respectable 489 through the door.


Spending was mixed, most took £100+ with at least 5 stall holders over the £200 mark. There wasnt really a product of choice but quality is always well recieved in Henley. Lots of interest too and a buzz fromn social media means we'll likley see some aftermarket sales from this event making it an even better day, perfect.

Trowbridge Town Hall - 15th May

A successful first market at this impressive new venue. 

This is the first time that we have held a market at this venue and as usual had concerns. Running a new market is never easy and there are always teething problems, it is never possible to know all of the ins and outs of what will be needed. Thankfully we have had good communication with the trust who run the old Town Hall and  they worked with us throughout the day to make sure that all customers and stall holders had a good experience. One other organiser utilises this venue, though as customers noted, the quality of the goods on sale at our market were totally different. The trust had also arranged a one way system throughout the building and this worked really well, with most customers visiting the 1st floor as well as the ground floor stalls 

The weather was showery throughout the day and there was at times a strong breeze. There were plenty of people on the streets and our active marketing and arrow spinning attracted 530 customers into the market during the day. This was a good first market figure and the fact that there was a heavy period of rain in the afternoon clearly deterred  people from shopping. Stallholders remarked on a steady flow of customers throughout the day, one stallholder  noting that she never stopped right from the start of the day. 

Spending was good, with many customers delightedly showing staff the excellent products they had bought at the markets. We were asked many times when our next event was on at this location. One artist sold in excess of £300, an excellent figure on such a poor day. 2 other stall holders sold around £250 including a soap and wax melt seller and a photographer. We are aware of at least 2 other stall holders selling in excess of £200 and most selling around the £100 mark. A charity stall managed to sign up 6 new customers during the day, well above expectations. All stall holders covered their stall fees and with 2 stall holders being new to the business and never having traded before, this was really good news. 

This venue has great potential and we look forward to working here throughout the year. We do still have spaces at this venue due to it being a new untested location, but we  believe that after the success of this market, these spaces should start to be filled. 

Devizes Corn Exchange - 8th May

Relief from all, that expected heavy rain didn’t materialise

The forecast had been promising heavy rain on Saturday since the beginning of the week. It was expected to start in the night and last almost all day with little respite. We were not looking forward to working in heavy rain all day, which despite being well prepared for it, is never fun. Stall holders too had been watching the forecast with trepidation and were not expecting to do well, with several admitting to thinking of not showing up. Although we drove through floods and heavy rain to get to Devizes, by the time we actually arrived at 7.50am it was starting to ease off and by 9am had totally stopped. We never needed to put on our rain gear all day . The forecast had obviously put many Devizes residents off from shopping and the streets were very quiet all day. Those who ventured out into the grey stormy day were well wrapped up to face the horrible weather.  The lovely thing about running markets on these atrocious days, is that when you do get customers into the market , they stay for a good while and spend. The Mynt team worked hard all day, and by the end of the day had managed to entice a very creditable 629 customers into the Corn Exchange, which seriously must have been a good percentage of the total number of people out shopping or visiting Devizes!

Spending was good, though stall holders had to work hard to sell at times. Customers were also fussy in what they bought and interior decorations did not sell well, fabric cushions and lampshades not being in demand today. However some stalls did very well with at least 2 stalls reaching around the £300  mark including a lady selling fashion items and fragrances as well as a couple selling wire sculptures. Wooden pens and turned items also sold well with one seller achieving in excess of £250. One artist had her best day this year at a Mynt Image market, selling in excess of £250. Chocolates, photography, and ‘salt lamps’ also sold well, with the afternoon, as is often the case being better than the morning. Although jewellery did sell, sales were not  much above £150 for two sellers. We are also aware of at least two stall holders who did not make their money and cover their costs.

There was however an excellent positive atmosphere in the building at all times. The hall itself is so spacious and light and creates an excellent venue in these times of COVID 19. Customers on the whole though, did seem to be getting more used to life after lockdown and more willing to come into the market. Considering the poor number of people in Devizes today and the, at times, empty streets, both ourselves and stallholders were happy with the  results of this event.

Salisbury Guidlhall - 1st May

The best footfall of the year so far with only a few disappointed stall holders.

We have always enjoyed working at Salisbury Guildhall. With the street market outside now extended into the area outside of the GuildHall this really makes us feel like more of the  regular Saturday market and brings many of the right kind of buyers closer to the Guildhall. There were certainly plenty of people on the streets of Salisbury in the morning, with, surprisingly a large number of foreign tourists visiting the UK despite still being in Lockdown. Footfalls have been relatively low at our venues until this week, but potential customers certainly seemed a lot more ready and willing to come inside the building today. Unfortunately we had two periods of heavy rain that swept across the market square and without these, our footfall would have been much higher. Despite the rain we still managed a footfall of 731, our best at any venue so far this year.

Whenever we entered the building to talk to stall holders we noticed that customers were spending money at many of the stalls. We had one stall holder come out several times to tell us how well they were doing. At the end of the day at least 3 stall holders achieved in excess of £300 and a further two in excess of £200. These included a jeweller, a photographer and several artists. It was unfortunate however to find that 3 stall holders had not broken even financially despite their best efforts. Most stall holders had made between £90 and £150, with one stall holder making more today than they had at any previous of our events. We had several new stall holders with us today, joining the regulars, one of these displaying his jewellery for the first time and doing really well.

Salisbury is always a place you can rely on to produce a good footfall and with such a good footfall it is inevitable that most stall holders will do well, just as most did today. This was a good start for our year at Salisbury and as restrictions continue to be lifted, we continue to have high expectations for this venue.

Thame Town Hall - 24th April

Quiet day in Thame

We always look forward to our markets here in the heart of Oxfordshire, never the highest footfall but always good spending! Thame is a real advocate for the quality over quantity mantra. Set up ran smoothly, a great mix of old and new stall holders, a lot of which new to Thame itself. This hall is one of the smaller set ups so the cosy atmosphere lends nicely to creating a good atmosphere for customers.


The glorious sunshine combined with a slight tentativeness from shoppers made hard work for drawing a crowd, it really was perfect bbq weather and it seems a lot of people aren’t quite fully confident just yet. We managed to get a slow but steady flow throughout the day and despite best efforts only achieved 166 through the door.


Focusing again on quality of customers it was superb to see at least 3 stall holders take around £300. Many achieved circa £100 sales and one or two struggled to cover costs! Certainly not a washout but maybe a little room for improvement, we’re confident in this stepping stone forwards towards some excellent events this year.

Lymington Masonic Hall - 17th April

Though sales weren't much to be desired, it was excellent to be out again.

Lockdown has seemed to drag on forever, especially over recent weeks with such poor weather. So what better way to hit the ground running with this years season (albeit slightly delayed) than in the glorious siunshione at Lymington. We had a full house and it judging by how early stallholders were arriving to set up it was clear they were keen to continue trading again. Set up ran smoothly as it always does in Lymington and the buzz was superb. Many conversations of reuninting friends was a pleasure to witness, plus of course a handful of new stallholders to really complete the set up. The eagerness to get going was lovely to be part of, a few stallholders who trade online had seen drops since Christmas, the lack of contact time with customers face to face was cleary the fault here, so this event was hopefully a bnig turning point.


The day ran well, the sun always brings crowds of people to the New Forest in their thousands so we had plenty of oppurtunity to draw a crowd. Initially numbers were good, it wasnt quite as easy to coax people in as this was the first Saturday since before last Christmas people were allowed out properly so the agenda wasnt neccessarily shopping. It quitened down in the afternoon, perhaps due to the Duke of Edinburghs funeral being broadcast at 3pm so the footfall slowed down somewhat. This was anticipated though and we observed a minutes silence in honour of the late Prince. By close of play we managed a total of 542 customers through the door.


Spending was an entirely mixed bag here today, no real pattern as to what sold well and didnt. Top traders were'nt incredibly high but then most of the people in Lymington didnt seem to have any real purpose or direction. As a stepping stone this event has really excited as us with what will follow, events can only get busier from and spending will start toi increase to levels we saw and maybe even higher than last year.

Marlborough Town Hall - 17th April

A frustrating start to our new season

This was a replacement event put on to replace another market that was not able to occur. The market had only been released 6 weeks before this event and was , as is usual for our markets, fully booked. We were glad to be able to start the new season at last after months of being in lockdown and really looking forward to working at Marlborough which has been  one of our most reliable venues. Most stall holders too expressed  great joy at being able to run their stalls once more and to be involved in a degree of ‘normality’. We were hoping for great things from this event due to shops having just opened and customers clearly having a lot of money to spend. 

However there were a lot of factors which worked against this event, one being the gorgeous sunny weather enabling potential customers to go to the coast or enjoy a Bar B Q in their gardens, especially as this was the last day of the school Easter holidays.. Secondly this was the day of the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh and this caused a shortage of people visiting Marlborough in the afternoon. It was interesting to note that almost all of our customers today were not locals, but visiting this picturesque historic town. There was also a reluctance from some members of the public to enter a larger building, there still being a risk of COVID 19 despite all of the procedures and systems that we have put in place. By the end of the day we managed a footfall of 315, half the number we would have expected.

Spending was reasonable, with the top stall holder selling £500+ worth of jewellery with another taking £240 from her fantastic art related products. This was however not the day for jewellers other than the one previously mentioned with most reporting small sales. Of note is the extraordinary numbers of the public who were signed up by the ‘Working for Wildlife’ representative, 11 new sign ups being very noteworthy with a low footfall. There was however an excellent atmosphere in the market at all times with most stallholders simply being glad to meet each other once more and to be able to sell their wonderful products. 


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