Terms and Conditions

By paying in full or leaving a deposit on an event, it will be taken that the stallholder has agreed to the terms and conditions and that they have fully understood them all. The full terms and conditons have been listed below or alternatively if you would like to download a copy, simply click on the pdf download that we send out at the same time as an invoice and save to your computer or device.

Opening Hours

The markets will be open for business 10.00am – 4.00pm (apart from Guildford which is open until 5pm.)  Stallholders may arrive to set up their stalls from 9.00am. Admittance before this time can not be guaranteed but we will always do our best to allow you in as early as possible (apart from Guildford which will be open from 8am, arriving at/after 9am at Guildford is acceptable but you will need to make your own arrangements for unloading etc.) Please do not pack away/leave before 4pm (not before 5pm at Guildford) - this is unfair on other stallholders making the most of any last minute sales and looks unprofessional.

Payment Identification

A) Bank transfer. Please make sure that when you assign a name to your bank transfer, you give the bank transfer a name assignable only to yourself, ie glittering diamonds…Joe Bloggs. Do NOT just assign your bank transfer in the name of the market that you wish to attend ie Salisbury market or Mynt Image.  It would be very helpful to add the invoice number to the reference.  Please also let us know what the payment is for by emailing us at the same time as making a payment.

B)Cheques. If paying by cheque please make sure that your name and your business name as well as the venues you want to book are marked on the back of the cheque. Please add on £1.50 to cover bank charge. Cheques should be made payable to Mynt Image.

Public Liability Insurance

Stallholders MUST hold their own Public Liability Insurance. Proof of insurance will have to be emailed to us at least 4 weeks prior to attending. We hold the right to refuse attendance to our events if a stallholder does not have PLI.  No  refund will be made to a stallholder on the grounds of not having PLI for any reason.

Licensing Certification Compliance

It is assumed upon booking, that all stallholders hold any necessary licenses and certificates relevant to their products. This includes such documentation as beauty product making licenses and food hygiene certificates. It is also expected that all products are in line with and comply with European Standards and national guidance such as that issued for toys. Mynt Image Ltd reserve the right to ask traders for this documentation at any of the markets run by them.  Mynt Image Ltd can not be held responsible for a lack of this documentation or certification, this is solely the responsibility of the stallholder. If a stallholder needing such documentation is unable to provide it when asked, Mynt Image reserve the right to ask them to leave the market immediately or withdraw the affected products from their stall. This is the responsibility of the stallholder and no refund will be given under any circumstance.

Loading and Unloading

Stallholders may unload their vehicles as near as is possible to the venues. After unloading, stallholders must quickly remove their vehicles to one of the public car parks. Free parking is available at some venues. Mynt Image will endeavor to help stallholders unload and pack their cars at the start and end of the event. No help will be given before 9.00am if stallholders arrive early (apart from at our Guildford events where we will be available to help from 8am to 9am.)

Late arrival at an Event

All stallholders MUST arrive at an event at least 15 minutes before the start of the event, in all cases this will be 9.45am. Any stallholder who is delayed should call Mynt Image on their mobile number (please see T&C's that we email you when you book or the event instructions) to let them know of their delay. 15 minutes before an event, Mynt Image reserve the right to reallocate the tables of any stallholder who has not arrived, to an alternative stallholder. If the original stallholder should then turn up, NOT having informed Mynt Image that they will be delayed, their right to a table at the event will have been forfeited. Mynt Image will NOT refund the fees of any stallholder who has had their stall re-allocated due to lateness.

Removal of rubbish

Stallholders are responsible for the removal of any rubbish, boxes or personal effects at the end of the market.

Electrical Equipment

All electrical equipment used by stallholders must be PAT tested if older than one year. Proof of PAT testing will be asked for in advance.

Allocation of spaces

Spaces/positions are allocated in advance of each event.  You are booking a space (apx 5’ by 7’) with a table (apx 6’ by 2’) supplied (unless mentioned otherwise on the website or by us at time of booking) to fit within it allowing for room for everyone to get in and out. Any rails, signs, small tables/shelves etc that you take MUST fit within the space along with the table and not interfere with other stallholders.  For example if you take a rail or additional table/shelving unit etc you must then use a smaller table supplied by yourself so that it all fits within the space allowing for room for others to get in and out.  Stallholders will be shown to their table/space on arrival or it can be found by the label we have put out.  Mynt Image allocate spaces taking into account many factors (ie product type, disability etc etc etc) and this decision is final – no complaints or arguments on the day will be accepted.  Stallholders will be asked to leave the event immediately, and expected to, if the above points are not adhered to.

Cancellation Rights

Stallholders have 14 days to cancel their appearance at a market from the day that Mynt Image confirm their place at a market by email.  Any tables/bookings that are cancelled will need to be re-sold before a refund is made and will be subject to a small admin charge of £10.00 per market unless within the 14-day period.  'Last minute cancellation spaces' that are booked are not subject to the 14 day cooling off period.

Cancellations of Markets by Mynt Image

In the unlikely event that Mynt Image have to cancel a market, all stallholder’s payments will be returned. Markets will only be cancelled by Mynt Image if the venue has become unusable or if the owners of the venues decide to cancel the booking. These are unlikely situations and please be assured that Mynt Image will do their best to avoid these situations at all possible costs.

Our venues

All venues are visited prior to use. The markets and their potential footfall are assessed. All advertising possibilities are considered and different methods utilised to maximize footfall at each venue. Mynt Image turn down far more venues than we accept, even turning down venues which have previously been utilised by other market operators.  We believe that we only accept the venues with the most potential onto our books.

Quotas of different stalls

The amount of stallholders offering similar goods will be limited. Although Mynt Image believe that competition is healthy, flooding a market with similar goods is not. Mynt Image will not book more than 4/5 jewellers at any event subject to administration errors.  Quotas are set for each type of product by Mynt Image taking into account many years experience of running craft and gift markets, whilst being fair and consistent to all who book and also to potential customers.

Declaring your items for sale

Only articles declared on the application form or otherwise agreed prior to the event will be acceptable on your stall. We reserve the right to ask you to remove any undeclared articles from your stall should they breach prior agreement.


Mynt Image will work to get as many people as possible to enter the venues. The markets will be advertised in the locations on the day itself and on the internet in advance. Stallholders may advertise the market themselves in any form they wish. (Stallholders are encouraged to click on 'Advertising Successfully' for posters which can be used for each event.) Other ways of advertising such as the internet or radio, may be used by Mynt Image. Stallholders are encouraged to do their own advertising as well as rely upon Mynt Image. The more that we can advertise the event collaboratively the more successful the market.

Trading practises

Mynt Image practice totally ethical trading methods. We firmly believe that every action that we take is above board, ethical and done for the best ethical and moral reasons. We do practice very active marketing methods to create the good footfalls that we always create. Mynt Image partners take a firm stance with any member of the Mynt Image team who make derogatory comments about any other traders or who are not upholding the good name and reputation of Mynt Image. We know that to some of the ‘craft fair world’, our methods may be a little revolutionary or controversial at times, but we firmly believe that our stallholders want a good footfall and we will use any legitimate method possible that is legal to achieve this.

£10 deposit system

For those booking multiple markets at the same venue (5+ markets) we offer a £10 deposit system. The first market booked at the venue is to be paid in full with a £10 non-returnable and non-transferable deposit being put in place to secure any other markets at the same venue (£10 for each additional market). The balance for each market is to be paid 6 weeks BEFORE each event (ie before the six weeks point not after it.) If a stallholder is unable to attend any of the markets for which a £10 deposit has been left, the £10 can not be transferred or refunded.  Please be aware that it is NOT up to Mynt Image to remind stallholders of any balance payment at 6 weeks and we can not be responsible for any emails that are not received by stallholders at the 6-week mark. We will do our best to aid you by sending a reminder before the six week point but is is your responsibility to make the payment before/up to the point it is due and not after it is due.)  If a balance is not paid on time Mynt Image will require full payment for all future bookings secured with a deposit or they will be cancelled and they will not be able to use the deposit system in the future.

Footfall and issues beyond our control

We make every possible effort to get as many people into all our events as is possible, but we clearly can not always control this. We will not refund in the event that you feel more people should have been in attendance. There are too many variables at any event which are just beyond our control such as weather, timings of sports events etc.



Any information you provide us (ie contact details) are only accessible by the Mynt Image team (office staff only) for the purpose of confirming bookings, event reminders, balance reminders and similar or on rare occasions emails may be sent informing you of any cancellation spaces/availability, release of new dates/events that you may wish to book or similar.  If you inform us in writing we can let you know (within 28 days) what information we hold (this is only ever information that you put on your application forms or that you have sent to us via email.) If you do not want to be contacted please let us know in writing (this will be actioned within 28 days) but please be aware that you would then not receive any emails reminding you of your booking/any changes to your booking or balance reminders etc – we would require immediate payment of all balances in this case.

Treatment of Staff


Please note that any poor treatment or abuse of staff (or other stallholders) either verbally, psychologically, physically, by email or phone, will not be accepted.  Any bullying of staff (or other stallholders) in any way will not be accepted. Mynt Image value our hard working staff (and professional stallholders) and reserve the right to remove stallholders who do not comply with the above in any way, from both the event and future bookings.

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