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'Hi Jonathan, 
We have just returned from the fair at Lyndhurst and wanted you to know we have had the best day of any shows this year. Sales went through the roof and I think a lot of that was due to the hard work of George and Keith . They worked tirelessly to get people into the hall, despite the humid weather . Can we just say a very big thank you to all of you at Mynt.
G and S
Thank you to George and Keith for an excellent event.  There was a steady flow of people the whole day and they were spending well.  I had my most successful event in a very long time.
Just wanted to say thank you to Paul and Sue for their work on Saturday despite the occasional downpour. Also could you please pass on our thanks to the staff of the Town Hall because theyw ere very welcoming and  helpful.

Hi Guys. Just a massive shout out to Paul and Sue who looked after us today. Amazing. Fab venue, lovely people and staff at the Town Hall. Had a lovely day



We just wanted to thank the team at Guildford for working so hard in the crazy weather to attract customers, it wasn’t an easy task at all, well done and much appreciated.



Massive thanks to Paul and Sue for running the craft fair at Thame on Saturday.  The weather in the afternoon was blooming awful, and at one point Paul came into the hall looked very wet indeed.  Huge kudos for staying out there!  It was well rewarded as I, and hopefully others, had a good day!



Also just wanted to feedback that Paul and his partner did a sterling job at Henley last weekend. The weather was terrible but they were out there getting people in and did a fantastic job.



I’ve been able to attend the last couple of markets at Winchester and Lymington. The team did an amazing job on both days getting people in, particularly in Lymington yesterday when the weather was so bad!



Please can you kindly give my thanks to George and the gentleman who was also helping outside in Thame today. They worked their socks off in the foulest of weathers. I really appreciated their endeavours which I am certain helped the footfall. My heart went out to them as they got so cold and very wet.

I sold £333 today which was more than I anticipated so I am very pleased.




Thank you for letting me have a table at Thame today I loved the fair, everyone was so friendly and tea and coffee with biscuits was an added bonus.

Would there be a table available on the 9th November please



Just a note of thanks to George and his helper, despite George,s broken leg he and his friend worked very hard to get the public in, and I much appreciated their time and effort.



We enjoyed our day in Marlborough yesterday; elegant town, delightful venue and – as usual – you guys worked your socks off in various weathers to try to make the event a success. Thank you for your efforts.




The market in Malborough went very well for use last Saturday and I would love to do more Saturdays.




I just wanted to say a quick thank you as Salisbury Craft Fair was such a wonderful event and the staff you have running the day getting people in and making sure the day runs smooth are a huge credit and lovely people. A great day all round, thanks so much for providing such a great platform to sell, can't wait for Guildford in September!



Had a really good day, on Saturday. Will definitely be in touch, at a later date.





Henley 15th April

Hi Sara, Many thanks for your email. Just wanted to let you and the team know how much I enjoyed doing the craft fair in Henley last weekend and really appreciated all the hard work that Paul and his team put into bringing the public into the event, it certainly paid off. Looking forward to my next event with you in Thame on the 13th of May. Kind regards M.H.


Winchester 15th April

Good Afternoon. Saturday was my first Mynt Craft Market that I have attended and I was very impressed! The staff were very friendly and helpful and it seemed very well attended.  I look forward to my next market. Kind regards J.B.


Thame 8th April

Thank you Sara, I also had a good day, hitting nearly £200 with my candles - and I'm always fairly surprised people even look at candles on a beautiful hot sunny day!  Thought the day very well organised, thank you!  See you in September. Best Wishes MA.S.


Thame 18th March

Simon and I would just like to say thank you.  We had a wonderful experience at todays Thame Craft Fair, it's obvious that Mynt Image care about the exhibitors and were very organised, helpful, informative and above all professional.  We will continue to use your services in future. Kind Regards, P.H. & S.E.


January 2017

Hello Sara.  Just to let you know that I will not be doing any fairs this year, G. and me are relocating, so I'm putting my crafting business on hold for a year.  I have really enjoyed being at your superbly organised craft fairs.  Just to turn up, get some help if necessary, and get on selling was hassle free.  I met some really nice people and sold lots of my creations, what more does anybody need?  Please thank the team for their valiant effort in drumming up punters and getting them through the doors.  I do wish you all at Mynt the very best and a great 2017.  With kind regards, G.G.




Winchester 17th December

Hi Sara, That is absolutely fantastic.  I am blown away by how busy is was, even at 3.50pm people were still flooding through the doors.  And yes, for me too I have never sold as much as I did previously in November at your event...Thanks again for all the hard work, time and events you all provide, it is  testament to why your markets are going from strength to strength.  I will book via the website now.  Regards, S.S.


Winchester 17th & Salisbury 18th December

Hello Sara, just a quick thank you for fitting us in to the 5 events at late notice. They were all delightful and we made a profit at all and really good days at the first Henley and this last weekend at Winchester and Salisbury.
Paul made valiant efforts at the 2nd Henley beleagured by horrible weather, few people around and a giant Christmas Tree and lorries blocking the entrance. Amazing that he got in the number he did! 
We briefly met your George on Saturday and he was helpful and pleasant and we did very well , Paul again did his thing at Salisbury and brought in the crowds. His lady was so helpful and good natured as well. We took a bit more at Salisbury but both were good. All the satff go above and beyond. We have learned that now we have cut down to one product ( more or less ) as long as we have a big footfall we have a good day, or, we need to attend child focussed events. We have had such a postive response from the customers at your fairs who are glad to find something unusual and reasonable and for children.
November and December was our first trading as a very much smaller company and we could not be happier than to find Mynt.  I will be sending some booking forms as soon as I organise myself and in the meantime I wish you all a wonderful Christmas. All the best C.H & D.H.


Henley 19th November

Hi, Just wanted to thank you for another hard working Craft and Gift Fair yesterday.  Busy was an understatement, I've never seen soooo many flood through the doors, it was unbelievable!  I would like to book November 2017..... Thanks again, C.R.


Henley 19th November

I would like to say a huge thank you to both Julian and Dan for all their hard work in achieving an amazing footfall today at Henley Town Hall.  The weather was extremely cold and their efforts were very much appreciated.  As this was my last Mynt Image event for 2016 I would like to say how much I have enjoyed exhibiting at both Henley and Thame and look forward to a successful 2017 with Mynt Image events.  I hope it's not too early to wish you all a very Happy Christmas. Best wishes, M.H.


Henley 29th October

I just want to add my thanks to the emails - I had a really good day and appreciate Paul's and Dan's hard work :)



Henley 29th October

Once again a huge thank you to the Henley Team for last Saturday's fair.  Thier hard work in drawing the public into the venue was very much appreciated.  The room looked really good and there was a great mix of quality products.  All stallholders were very friendly.  I had a successful and pleasant day.



Henley 29th October

Thank you for organising yesterdays fair, it was a great success!....



Henley 29th October

Had a fab day at Henley - think all the traders were happy....people came in to buy!!... J.S-T.


Henley 29th October

Really enjoyed the event yesterday.  Thank you for fitting me in.  Paul and his helper did so well getting over 900 customers through the door.  Great steady flow all day. And they were buying.  And I really appreciated the help from Paul's helper at the end....



Cranleigh 24th September

Hi Sara, just to let you know we had a good day at Cranleigh & it looked as though most people did.  The weather was kind to us which helped to bring people in along with George and Hannah who worked hard all day.  The hall had a nice feel to it. Regards, D.G.


Cranleigh 24th September

Hello.  Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your team for their hospitality and organisation yesterday.  We had an extremely pleasant & rewarding day.  We look forward to seeing you again at Lymington. Many Thanks, C.W. & F.W.


Cranleigh 24th September

...p.s. this past weekend's event in Cranleigh was great and Hannah was really helpful and friendly and your organisation and information fantastic, thank you.  F.M.


Thame 20th August

Best ever craft fair at Thame today!  Look forward to seeing you at Henley next Saturday, Kind Regards,



Godalming 16th July

Nice show at Thame today George, did well, lovely venue, Paul really works very hard, much appreciated!  Will be in touch, Kind Regards,



Godalming 16th July

Hi Sara, Just a short note to thank Paul for all his hard work on Saturday.  He never stopped all day and I hope he got to sit down in the evening with a nice cool beer (or two!)  Kindest Regards,



Salisbury 9th July

Hello Sara,  The Salisbury market was a good one for us yesterday, please thank your staff who were friendly and helpful and did a great job of getting people into the venue.



Thame 18th June

We had a reasonably successful day at Thame on Saturday and would like to thank the team for all their help and enthusiasm - they work so hard and it is much appreciated.  Also it is such a bonus to have clean facilities.  With Kind Regards,



Thame 18th June

Just a short note to let you know how hard Paul and Abi worked to get the people in today.  Please thank them very much for me.  Also, do you have any spaces left for December please? Kindest Regards,



Thame 18th June

Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into getting people through the door today at the Thame Craft Fair.  It certainly paid off as I made some good sales and really enjoyed the atmosphere, meeting fellow stallholders and chatting to the public.  It's nice to have background music and of course the free tea and coffee was very much appreciated.  I look forward to my next craft fair with you later in the year.  Kind Regards,



Marlborough 11th June

Thanks for the great work of getting people in to both Paul and Daniel!  Amazing for such a quiet weekend.  And it was a quiet weekend.  I did another fair at 'a different location' on Sunday and felt really bad for those organisers and stallholders. I doubt their fair brought in more than 200 people on Sunday....I too made an all time low on that day but remained content because of the good day at Marlborough on Saturday.  Keep up the good work! Many thanks,



Henley 28th May

Could you say a big thankyou to Paul and Daniel for a great successful day.  The footfall was not as good as the previous event but that could be due to many variables, but those who did venture into the hall were enthusiastic towards us all, I had a great day. Kind Regards,



Thame 21st May

Just a short note to thank you all for an extremely well run event on Saturday. Very impressive. Kindest Regards,



Thame 21st May

Enjoyed our first fair at Thame last Saturday and look forward to July for our next one. I thought the organisation of the fair was excellent. Best Regards,



Lymington 7th May

Dear Sara, Thank you all for your hard work....I had a good day, well worth it.
See you soon. Thanks again,



Salisbury 7th May

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Paul for all his amazing efforts on Saturday. I have attended quite a few Mynt Image markets and Paul is always so enthusiastic and positive, he works so hard to get people in the markets to view our work and I just wanted to say a huge thank you!!



Cranleigh 30th April

Thank you Sara, I enjoyed my day with good interest in my pictures of Dogs & Cats particularly. I've yet to do my follow up emails so will see what comes....but a couple or more commissions should result.  Paul, Hannah were very attentive and it was nice to see George again, I look forward to Godalming in July. Kind Regards,



Cranleigh 30th April

Hi Sara, I was going to email you to say thanks to Paul, Hannah and George for all their hard work but you beat me to it!! I did reasonably well but as you say  a lot if sales in the last hour !!...Thanks again for all your hard work.

Cranleigh 30th April

We had a great time all the stall holders were all truly so accommodating we worked as a team as was Hannah , George and the FANTASTIC Paul , he was fantastic with trying to get the General Public in  great teamwork! 

Thank you for accommodating us !!! Smiles.



Lymington 16th April

Thank you all for your hard work on Saturday, it was much appreciated...I also had a good day, thank your young team for helping me load the car...take care see you in May. Kind regards,



Lymington 16th April

Just to say that I had a good time in Lymington. I took about £135 but mainly in the afternoon. The guys were so good and organised with us, helping us with carrying our stuff from the car and I would like to thank them.



Lymington 16th April

I had been meaning to contact you to say how impressed and grateful we are for the help on Saturday. It was a very cold day inside and out but they did an amazing job in getting people through the door.
This was our 4th market and by far the best in terms of support and organisation. Looking forward to the Winchester event and fingers crossed for us more sales!!

Lymington 16th April

I just wanted to email and say how impressed I was with the organisation and staff on hand from Mynt Image yesterday.  I'm relatively new to craft fayres, having done just two Christmas ones last year - which, comparatively to yesterday, were appallingly organised.  I was also hugely impressed by the number of people your team got through the door, on a bitterly cold day....

Many thanks again - I really was hugely impressed, with all the pre and on the day organisation and you guys made a great effort to get customers to us!

Lymington 16th April

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for today. Your staff were absolutely fantastic and so friendly and helpful. I felt very looked after which was lovely as this was my first ever trade stand and I was a bit nervous!
The venue was perfect and there was plenty of customers about which led to plenty of sales. It was definitely worth my time and I would like to thank you for allowing me to have a stand at your event....I would like to rebook for next month please...



Henley 16th April

I had another good day at Thame on Saturday so I just wanted to thank you all for that. Paul's efforts (even with lack of voice!) at getting customers in were much appreciated, please pass on my thanks...



Henley 9th April

I went to your event in Henley on the 9th which was great!  I'm looking forward to taking part in May...Kindest regards,



Henley 9th April

Just to say that I had an amazing time on Saturday and managed 1 sale at the end with about 5 minutes to go.  My main aim was to get people to look at my artwork and hand my cards out and it was everything that I could hope for...Thanks again for a wonderful day, I met some cracking people and enjoyed it thoroughly.  Kindest Regards,



Henley 9th April

Really enjoyed the event.  And well done you organisers.  He really did well on Saturday for getting so many people in...



Henley 9th April

Well I really had a great day at Henley today.  One of the best takings I have ever taken in such a short time...



Guildford 5th March

Could you let me know if you have any spaces at Guildford remaining for the year, I exhibited on Saturday and thought it was lovely and Paul really worked hard outside getting people in which was really encouraging.  Many thanks,



Guildford 5th March

Thanks for the email Sara, yes it was a great day, I'm sure Paul must have lost his voice...he was BRILLIANT!  Thanks,



Marlborough 12th March

Thank you so much for your efforts on Saturday at Marlborough.  You made the day a pleasant and civilised event with your thoughtfullness and hard work. With kind regards,



Marlborough 12th March

It was my first market with Mynt Image and I was really impressed with the professionalism and was happy to book another event.  Paul and George both did a fantastic job - lack of sales is just one of those things but they really couldn't have done more.



Marlborough 12th March

Really enjoyed the fair and George and Paul putting so much effort into getting people through the door; look forward to seeing you at Thame in April.  With kind regards,





Marlborough 19th December

I have loved the fairs with you this year...and especially Marlborough!  You have all been incredibly friendly and fun to work with. 



Guildford 12th December

Hi.  Can you please pass on my thanks to everyone involved at Guildford on Saturday.  I thought we were in for a quiet day, but as usual, due to the hard work put in by your team, we had our best day for pen sales, since we started.  It looked like the total population of Guildford and its surrounds were ushered in and through the craft fair.  I can now reinvest, buy more pens, up the quality and look forward to next year.  Once again, my thanks and have a good Christmas.  Regards,



Winchester 14th November

Dear George.....if any of your stallholders need extra encouragement I can assure them that your staff are extremely efficient and work very hard to bring customers into the Guildhall.  I had a great event last Saturday, thank you - and thank you to your staff too.....I thanked the two ladies (profusely!) for their help but it is always good to tell  their 'boss' how appreciated they were on the day.  Thanks.



Winchester 26th November 

Winchester yesterday went very well for me.  So thank you for all your efforts with getting customers into the Guildhall.  Also the work experience crew were very helpful.



Lymington October 10th

Hi, I have just returned from the Lymington Craft sale and it was a great success. I am hoping there is a table free for your next sale at Lymington in December...... I would like to say how well advertised the event was and how well run, with the people who were in charge being very helpful.



Lymington October 10th

Just to thank George and his colleague for doing a good job today. A big well done and thank you to them both for ushering so many people through the doors. It was my first craft Fayre in Lymington with Mynt Image and will definitely be booking some more. Thank you.



Godalming September 26th 

Dear George and Paul, Godalming on Saturday was my first time exhibiting at one of your fairs.  I would just like to mention how impressed I was with the energy and enthusiasm of the two young men outside attracting the customers.  A few times I had to dash out for something and always saw them very energetically and happily moving the boards about and engaging members of the public to come on in.  Well done to them!  This was my first one day event (me and my product are new to this) and it was a very good day sales wise.  Look forward to more of your events in the future.



Henley August 8th

Just a few lines to say how much I enjoyed the Henley Town Hall event yesterday. I was impressed with the smooth professional approach Mynt has to customers and stallholders alike, especially as I have attended some very badly run events in the past. Well done!!



Salisbury July 4th

I would also like to say a big thank you to the two girls who worked for you on Saturday.  They really worked very hard on what I know was a very quiet day in the City...So - thank you girls. You did us Proud.  Best Wishes, MA.


Swindon May 30th

I did enjoy my first event with Mynt in Swindon on Saturday.  Although it started off slowly, it picked up well in the afternoon for me and I went home a happy bunny.  I really appreciated the effort Paul and Julian put in getting customers through the door, as well as the care and concern they showed to us stallholders and the help with packing up.  There was a lovely friendly atmosphere amongst the stallholders which all helped to make the experience enjoyable as well as financially worthwhile.

So – on the strength of that I would like to book for June 20th and August 29th at Swindon assuming there are still spaces available.  Looking forward to the next event and hopefully becoming a ‘regular’!


Ahead of Winchester March 28th

I just wanted to say thank you for such a great start to the 2015 season! As always, I truly appreciate the fantastic efforts you go to to create successful events. Looking forward to Winchester on Saturday! With Best wishes to you all, NM


Marlborough March 7th

Thanks for making my first ever craft fair experience so welcoming. I seemed to do fairly well and sold 16 pieces and easily covered costs - really exciting to actually sell what you have made! Now I've got to make some more before I can go to another fair :-)

Thanks again


As ever, it's been a complete pleasure working with you guys again this year and I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and New Year. 
Look forward to working with you all next year. - regular stallholder.
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