Salisbury Christmas Market Terms and Conditions 


Salisbury Christmas Market Terms and Conditions

Provided by Mynt Image in collaboration with Salisbury City Council



  • By submitting the application form, the stallholder warrants that the information contained upon the application form is true and accurate. Any errors on the form may result in a stall space being withdrawn.
  • It is the responsibility of the stallholder to inform Mynt Image of any change of products, address, contact details and any other matters affecting the stallholder. Mynt Image will not be responsible for any information which does not reach a stallholder due to a change of contact details
  • Completed application forms must be returned together with all of the requested documents: PLI, Risk assessment, photographs, copies of licensing etc. No application will be considered without these details being sent and received all at the same time.
  • Stall holders will be assumed to have read and agreed to the terms and conditions by returning a completed application form.
  • Joint applications will be accepted for stallholders wishing to share a space. Mynt Image will require 2 sets of the required documents, one from each stallholder sharing.
  • The submission of an application form does not guarantee a stall allocation. All applications will be considered by Mynt Image and all applications will be told of the decision from Mynt Image within 2 weeks of receiving the appliocation.
  • Mynt Image reserve the right to allocate stallholders to any position within the building.
  • Mynt Image reserve the right to cancel a booking at any time during the letting period should the stallholder be in contravention of any of the terms and conditions.


Payment and Cancellations by Stallholders

  • Once an offer of a stall has been made, the initial agreed payment must be made within 7 working days. Mynt Image will withdraw any offer sent to a stallholder if no payment is made
  • Payment plans will be available on request, with an initial deposit of £150 required – nonreturnable. All final payments will be due by the end of the September prior to the market.
  • If after the initial payments a stallholder withdraws/cancels their space, then the following apply;
  1. If we are able to resell a space, an admin charge of £150 will be taken and any remaining monies refunded to the stallholder
  2. If we are unable to resell your space, then no money will be refunded
  3. No cancellations after August in the year of the event will be refunded whether resold or not.
  • The above will also apply if a stallholder decides to reduce their trading period and will be applicable to the days not taken up.
  • It is the stallholder’s responsibility to adhere to the required payment schedule. If a stallholder fails to make a payment, they will be deemed to have cancelled their space at the event. Points 1-3 above will then apply
  • Consideration will be given to a stallholder who is unable to make a payment, provided that Mynt Image have been informed in advance and alternative arrangements made


Stall Locations

  • Placment in the building is at the discretion of Mynt Image ltd. This will be based upon the type of stall and the mix os tallholders.



  • Communication. All our office is paperless. All our communications will be by email and other electronic means. Please be aware that we cannot be responsible for any email that does not reach yourself due to a change in email address or ICT difficulties. Mynt Image will not be held responsible if an email is not received. We would advise the checking of SPAM mail and JUNK folders on a regular basis.


Insurance and Compliance

  • All stallholders must hold PLI insurance up to a minimum of 5 million GBP
  • All stallholders must have Product liability
  • Evidence of the necessary insurance MUST be sent to Mynt Image ltd at the time of booking and brought with the stallholder to the events.
  • Stallholders are expected to comply fully with all relevant legislation and regulations, including those in respect of Trading Standards, Consumer Protection, Food Safety, Health, and Safety. Any stallholder found to not be complying with necessary regulations will be closed by Mynt Image and no refund will be made.



  • Lighting of the building will be provided by Mynt Image and STC. Stallholders may also have their own individual lighting on their stalls. This MUST be battery powered and of static LED lights. No flashing or mains powered lights will be accepted
  • Any electrical equipment used MUST be PAT tested or less than 1 year old and in good conditions. This includes any extension leads and chargers. Failure to show PAT certificates/labels will result in the equipment not being able to be used during the event until a PAT certificate can be shown.
  • Please note that no heating equipment such as fan heaters, or kettles will be allowed due to the nature of the building.

Gas Powered Equipment

  • NO gas-powered equipment will be allowed.


Alcohol Sales

  • All stallholders selling alcohol of any type will need to have their own premises licencing or temporary event notice in place. These will be asked for by Mynt Image. All stallholders selling alcohol must display a ‘; Challenge 25; notice and keep a log of any refusals they have had to make. These will be checked by Mynt Image staff. All stalls selling alcohol need to be looked after on a daily basis by a licence holder.

Candles and naked flames

  • The lighting of candles or any other products containing a flame will NOT be permitted


General Instructions and Health and Safety compliance

  • Mynt Image will not be responsible for any financial loss incurred by theft or for any product loss due to theft. Mynt Image will also not be responsible for any damage to your products or equipment incurred whilst you are trading at the event. Mynt Image are not responsible for any dame or loss of your own personal possessions incurred whilst you are working at the event. It is the stallholder’s responsibility to have any necessary insurance in place to cover their stock, equipment, and possessions.
  • Mynt Image will not be held responsible for any dame caused by weather conditions, whether this be rain, ice, heat, or any other natural phenomenon
  • Mynt Image will not be held responsible for any of the following:
  1. Any indirect or consequential losses
  2. Loss of any revenue or anticipated revenue
  3. Loss of any business opportunity
  4. Loss of profits or anticipated profits
  5. Loss of any expenditure
  • If the structure of the building is damaged by the stallholder or the partitioning is damaged by the stallholder, a charge appropriate to the necessary damages as well as a £150 admin charge will be incurred. The stallholder will be invoiced for the damage with any payment expected within 30 days
  • All stallholders MUST attend the safety briefing session which will occur each Friday morning at 9.30am within the building
  • All staff employed by any stallholders must be acquainted with the terms and conditions as well as safety information.
  • All staff employed by stallholders to work for a stallholder must hold the necessary work permits/visas allowing them to work in the UK
  • Stallholders must not attend the event if they have any infectious diseases such as COVID or Flu. Failure to comply with this will be considered a breach of health and safety and the stallholder will be asked to leave the event. No refund will be offered.
  • Exhibitors must comply with all reasonable requests as well as rules and regulations advised by Mynt Image, security services, emergency services and STC staff. 
  • No stallholder may make any modifications to the area they work within. Nothing may be attached to the exterior walls or roof of the building.
  • All tables, shelving, display racks etc, must be provided by the stallholder.
  • Anything that is attached to the provided partitions must not damage the partitions in any permanent manner. The partitioning and fabric of the building must be left in an undamaged condition at the end of your use of the area. Any damage will incur a charge as well as an additional £150 admin fee.
  •  We recommend the use of tapes and blu tac. No partitions shall be screwed into in any manner. We recommend that you bring your own wooden frames or steel racks should you wish to create substantial side or rear displays. These need to be self-standing
  • Stallholders must not hang or display any products or lights beyond the boundary of their allocated area. 
  • Stallholders must not allow any of their displays or [products to block gangways at any times, including loading and unloading times.
  • Stallholders will only be allowed to sell products declared in their application forms. Stallholders may be asked to remove products from their stalls which have not been declared
  • No dogs or other animals are allowed within the buildings unless these are assistance dogs.
  • The buildings will be no smoking areas


Hours of Trading

  • Stallholders must be ready to trade from 10.00am each morning until the closing time on each and every day. No stalls may start trading later than 10.00am and must all remain staffed until the end of the event each day. Please note that there will be several late trading days. Repeated failure to comply with this may result in future bookings not being accepted.



  • No stallholders may play any of their own music within the buildings or use any public address systems to enhance their voices.


Rubbish removal

  • Stallholders will be expected to remove all their products on the evening that their trading period is completed (Thursday evenings) NO products may be left overnight on a Thursday by a stallholder not trading the following day. The area must be left clean and tidy ready for stallholders who are taking up the space on a Friday morning.
  • Any products or equipment left in an area after a hire period is over on a Thursday will be disposed of by Mynt Image staff. A cost for removal or disposal will be made as well as an additional admin charge of £150. 
  • Any rubbish must be removed at the end of a hire period on a Thirsday evening. Any rubbish that is left will incur a charge as well as a £150 admin fee.
  • All stallholders are expected to remove their own waste each day. No facilities will be provided by Mynt Image or SCC for the disposal of rubbish. Rubbish must be removed from the site and disposed of at home facilities.
  • No liquid waste of any type is to be poured into drains. This will cause a violation of environmental practices. Anyone found disposing of liquid waste in any illegal way will be subject to an on the spot fine of £500


  • All vehicles brought on site at the beginning or end of the day MUST display a permit.
  • NO vehicles may be brought on site on a Tuesday, Saturday, or Sunday morning
  • All vehicles need to be off site after 9.00am on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday mornings.
  • No vehicles may be on site at the end of the day until the time of closing. Any vehicle arriving early will be asked to move on until the correct time has been reached.
  • Vehicles can be taken to a Salisbury Park and ride or to one of the many public car parks. No responsibility will be taken by Mynt Image of SCC for any parking infringements or tickets issued.


Overnight Security

  •  Overnight security will be provided for the buildings. However, stallholders who          choose to leave products or equipment in their stall spaces do so at their own risk. No liability will be accepted by Mynt Image or SCC for any product or equipment loss


Removal from the event


  • Mynt Image reserve the right to remove any stallholder or stallholder employee whose behaviour or actions are not considered to be suitable or where it is causing distress to other stallholders. No poor language, inflammatory or prejudicial language will be accepted at any time. Any stallholder who is removed will not expect a refund. Mynt Image will not accept any claims for loss of revenue caused by a stallholder being removed from the site
  • Any stallholder found to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances will be asked to leave the site. Mynt Image will not accept any claims for loss of revenue caused by a stallholder being removed from the site.
  • The right of an individual to trade for failing to comply with any of these terms and conditions, will be removed. In the event that this does occur, this is the responsibility of the stallholder, who has chosen not to adhere to the terms and conditions. A verbal warning followed by a written warning will be issued before a stallholder is removed, giving them time to adjust their actions. However, in the case of gross misconduct such as physical, abuse, no warning will be issued as this is a legal matter.
  • No stallholder will be refunded in any way or compensated in any way if they have been unable to attend thein event during their hire period. No stallholder will be refunded in any way or compensated in any way if they have been removed from the event and site due to their own actions.


Cancellation of the event by Mynt Image and/or SCT

  • Mynt Image and SCC reserve the right to cancel the event or part of the event if required to do so due to pandemic, fire, severe weather or other ‘act of God. 
  • If the events are cancelled by Mynt Image or SCC then a repayment will be made subject to the time needed for the event to be closed. This will be made within 2 months of the closure of the event. No admin charge will be made for this repayment
  • Notice of an event closure will be sent to all stallholders as soon as is possible. Stallholders need to check their emails to check the situation daily. If there is no message regarding closure, then stallholders can assume that the event will be running as usual. Mynt Image will not be responsible for any stallholder who does not check their email or does not receive the message
  • Cancellation of the event will not be relayed to stallholders by phone.
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