Frequently Asked Questions

Please do feel free to get into contact with us for any questions or queries you may have. However befor you do, take a quick glance through rhe FAQ's below as you may find your answer sooner.

What size is our table?

Mynt Image provide the standard 6' x 2' table at most events. At Guildford, Thame, Newbury and Henley, you may be asked to provide your own table due to limited availability at the locations. We also provide you with 2 chairs for each space booked.

Can we bring shelving and rails?

Mynt Image are happy for you to bring shelving, rails, stands and anything else that you wish to bring but they must fit into your space, this may mean you have to use your own items instead of our tables. We do NOT charge extra for you to bring these items. At a Mynt Image event, you rent a space approx 7' x 5'.  We like our stallholders to make their areas as attractive and different as possible. We want you to create your own area to work in, an environment which is your own where you can show your products off to the best of your ability.

Do we have to make the products we sell ourselves?

Mynt Image run Craft and Gift Markets. We do not insist that you make your own products though we always attract a good range of stall holders who do. We like to provide a mix of hand made and bought in products to provide a really excellent shopping experience for the customers who come to our events. We do NOT however allow people to have 'junk' type stalls similar to car boot sales.

What competition we will have at each event?

Mynt Image make every effort to stick to a quota of products at each event. This can however be tricky when stallholders change what they are selling or bring in new ranges without telling us.  In general we tend to allow the following:

4/5 x traditional jewellery sellers

3 candle sellers

3 x most other products (scarves, soaps, glass, cards etc.)

1 x cup cake seller

We do make exceptions at times for various reasons, but endeavor to stick to these quotas as closely as we possible can.

We like to provide competition at markets but not to swamp the market with one type of product.

If we are unable to attend event, will we receive a refund?

*   In accordance with distance selling regulations Mynt Image will allow you 14 days to change your mind from letting you know that we have received your form and payment.

*   Cancellations outside of the above will NOT be refunded unless alternative stallholders can be found. If alternative stallholders can be found then a small admin charge of £10.00 per market space will be charged. 

Can we pay on the day?

The simple answer is NO.

Mynt Image will not confirm a booking without holding both the booking form and the payment.

We accept payment by bank transfer or cheque. Bank transfers can be made immediately so even if taking a late notice stall space, there is no problem with arranging payment.

We have been let down several times by stallholders wanting to pay on the day or leaving a market without paying. We do NOT have the time to chase up stall holders who simply give the business a poor reputation.

Do we get a refund if the footfall is low?

The simple answer is NO.

Mynt Image guarantee that we will make every effort possible to get as many people into an event as we possibly can. We can not guarantee weather conditions, but can guarantee that we will still be working outside in the wind and rain to get as many people into the events as is possible. We can not be held responsible for weather conditions, road works, military parades, football matches or any other event which may affect the market. We have booked the market in good faith from the hall owners and every effort has been made to make sure that the venues will potentially attract large numbers of customers.

What marketing and advertising do Mynt use?

Mynt Image are renowned for attracting good numbers of people into the buildings due to their presence. We make ourselves known at every location that we hold fairs at. We use banners, A frames, flags, spinning arrows etc. We aim to attract people on the day who are out shopping.

As stallholders ourselves for 4 years before branching out into event management we have realised that very few people will go out specifically to visit a craft and gift market. We therefore do little advertising prior to the events in the form of traditional newspapers or magazines.

Mynt Image utilise Facebook, Instagram and our own web site as well as allowing stallholders to advertise the events in any way that they wish.

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